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Thursday, October 16, 2008


I Heart Your Blog

I was recently presented with the much coveted "I heart your blog" award. How fun! Tearese and I started reading each others blogs when we found out that we had something unique in common. Her sister is named Kiera too! That doesn't happen very often. Believe me, I've been around for 30 years now and it is rare to run into someone with my same name and same spelling. Tearese is an extremely talented artist who loves photography and draws portraits of people! How cool is that? Drawing was never my forte and I'm always impressed by people who have that talent. Check out her blog, it's called Trees With Leaves and leave her a comment...she loves that! : )

I feel like awards are a great way to showcase other blogs. I had to think about this one for a few days. I was wondering who I would pass this on to. Well I finally decided. I cant guarantee this award will go any further than these three but... There are 3 lovely ladies who inspire me and who's friendships I am grateful for. I love that I have such talented friends. Each one of these women is a friend, a neighbor, a fellow young women's leader, and a photographer. They each inspire me in unique and individual ways.

Kristina is an artist through and through. She not only takes beautiful pictures but she paints, sews, and creates endless darling things. Her husband is also an artist so there's no escaping it, she is surrounded by creative energy. She cant help but create. I've talked to her about taking our family portraits this year so be on the look out for those!!! I'm so excited!

Leah is a phenomenal photographer. I am in constant awe of her work. She captures the most beautiful images effortlessly. On top of that incredible talent, she manages her life in the most amazing way. She has so many responsibilities and people who depend on her everyday yet she always manages to come through with flying colors. How does she do it you ask? I have no idea.

Ashley has the most unique perspective. She impresses me with her simplicity and style both in art and in life. Her ability to photograph everyday things and make you see them in a whole new way is a true talent indeed. Along with her camera and lens she has a beautiful way with words. She is so eloquent and unique in her writing. I love soaking in how she views this world. You will too. She has two blogs...don't forget to check out her photo blog here.

So there you have it. Three blogs that I heart. There are rules to giving and receiving this award but I'm not going to enforce them. Rules were made to be broken or at least that's how I see it. Now go check out these amazing blogs and see what I'm talking about!

I am so flattered! your much too kind!! p.s. I heart your blog too!!
All this hearting, I can barely stand it. You're so sweet! I'm privileged to be included in this list of amazing women.
Hey there! Great blogs you chose! I hope you enjoyed your birthday last weekend!!!!!
congrats on your award! Now I invite you to see the last trailer of twilight on my blog.. enjoy! ( If you have not seen it yet!)
hahah! I knew that you will be one that will enjoy the trailer!!
The girls are thinking on going all together to see the movie if you want to join us let us know! we will try to make it dinner and a movie but we are not sure if everyone can go to both...
we will love to have you!!!
hey, thanks for the nice things you said! I'm excited to go check out your friends' blogs.
.......he reacted how I thought he would.....but it's okay.
with all the insanity that is life, i completely did not check this post out and i am so grateful for the kind words! what did i do to become your friend?
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