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Wednesday, October 22, 2008



My good friend Michelle is celebrating her birthday today and since I don't have any extra cash laying around to buy gifts, I decided to photograph her daughter Chloe instead. Chloe is full of spunk and attitude...BELIEVE ME!! She loves dinosaurs other unsuspecting things and spent the day in my yard yesterday making a snake house out of rocks. (For Isaiah's snake to use in the summer of course.) : )

Happy Birthday Michelle. Sorry that Chloe got green paint all over her darling coat. Thanks for your friendship and for the Cullen lounge pants!

Great photos as usual. That is a great birthday present! Who wouldn't love that?
Her eyes are amazing! So beautiful. Kylee did mention they planned to meet today, but I didn't think she was serious! LOL! She also asked if we could coordinate a play date so I guess we will have to do that soon! We are finalizing pictures tonight and I will email you about Allen's!
What a fantastic present. I know that Michelle will love the pictures. Kiera you have such an amazing eye for the perfect shot. to get Chloe to hold still for a picture is true talent. Thank you from me for being such a wonderful neighbor to my wonderful daughter.
Whoa, her eyes are incredible! Great pictures as usual.
Are your services for sale? I am Alyssa May's friend, and I just love to look at your site. Do you live in Utah county? Do you give lessons?
These are so great!!!! beautiful eyes. WOW. love these.
these are great shots of Chloe! what a nice gift!
I am sure she appreciated this gift over any money could have bought. Beautiful. I saw you said Cullen Lounge Pants and immediately thought maybe they made you have sweet dreams of Edward when you put them on but I see Google had another idea for them. Oh well.
I didn't get a chance to look at these until now but they are awesome! Gosh that girl needs to stop loosing teeth LOL
Thank you SO much! And thanks for being such a caring friend and neighbor.
AMAZING eyes. All the eyes in your photos lately are looking like they have so much depth to them. Why can't I live closer to you???? ARGH! *wink*
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