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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Chess and Politics

One of the activities my family did together last weekend was to watch Skyler compete in a chess tournament. We went to Salt Lake Community College to watch him play and show him support. I took some pictures but every time my camera snapped I felt so embarrassed. Everyone was so deep in concentration and I didn't want to disturb the players.

My family is very political. Everyone has very strong views politically and thankfully we all mostly agree. Some way more than others. : ) Ashley and Joseph traveled to Colorado for the Obama campaign to make calls and try to sway voters and convince people to get out and vote. I was so proud of her (and him). Living in Utah makes getting your vote to count a tricky thing but Ashley figured out the loophole. Convince someone else, somewhere else, to vote for your candidate.

While waiting in the student center for Skyler to have a break, we found our esteemed presidential candidates and had some fun with them while we passed the time. Chess is kind of boring it would seem. : )

Ashley getting a little lovin' from Baby Boy, I mean B.H. Obama.

LOL!! Those pics are great!! But I have to tell you - the bunny ears thing comes from an ancient male fertility god who had horns. =D At least that's what The Da Vinci Code told me. =D
Those are funny...especially McCain wearing the Obama shirt. Haha.
Hey, did you know Utah is 51st in the nation for registered voters per people eligible to vote?
So if you could just get all your friends to register, perhaps we could make a difference? I think everyone in a strongly Republican or Democrat state just assumes that their vote won't count if they belong to the less represented party.
Too sad.

I think you're absolutely right! I totally feel like my vote doesn't count. I always vote because I feel I need to exercise that right, but I know it wont make a difference. Abolish the electoral college. Then maybe young people would feel like their vote truly did matter. We have the technology to make that happen, I just think that with everything else happening in our world today, that is on the bottom of the list. You're right when you say, too sad. I couldn't agree more.

The building with the columns in that other picture was taken at the county courthouse building. The very building that I will be casting my vote that wont matter. Humph!
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