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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Well That Was Interesting...

Thanks so much for your help!!! I needed some direction and you guys helped out a lot. I think you are right, showcase pictures that appeal to my target audience. I will do my best to choose images based solely on your suggestions. If anyone still wants to enter the giveaway, your odds are pretty good and you still have until Monday at midnight. Remember, I'm only asking for like one or two suggestions, you don't have to go crazy {ie: Wonderwoman!! : ) We forgive her though, she's a superhero and cant help but be an insane overachiever.} You might win $15 bucks at Barnes and Noble, what could be cooler than that? Oh that's true, lots of things but you'd be helping a friend and isn't that worth more than money or gifts? : ) Love you guys. Thanks again!!

Oops. Sorry. Keeping target audience in mind is good. A "clean" version of your portfolio. =D Good luck. Again, I feel kinda silly.
Ok...I want in on this. First of all, how does one ever choose because they are all so beautiful. You really are so creative and I am DEAD serious when I say I would love to have you take pics of my kids/fam next time we are in town. what do you say?

I know that if I were going to bid on a photography shoot at this stage of my life it would be for family pics...creative, spontaneous, candid. I love the triplets, I love the Smith family pics, I love the boys at the train tracks...especially the toothless pic. I couldn't find it, but the one of your two kids faces (half of one, half of the other...hope you know what I am talking about. It's brilliant and i tried to replicate and struggled horribly :)I think many of the pics of your children are precious, you should display a few of those as well.

Just my opinion! good luck. What a fab auction item!!!
Hey sweets! I've been a bit preoccupied over the weekend, so I'm just seeing this now. I went through all of your photo sets, and I'm just going to have to forfeit any entry into the giveaway. I CANNOT pick favorites. They are all so incredible. I think if you let the winner of the auction pick any theme, your skills will turn anything into magic.
Ok, so I'm catching up. I've had a hard time blogging with everything that's been going on latley. I love the pictures of your family in Florida and I love the ones you got of the kids at Isaiah's b-day party. It's past midnight on Monday so, I guess I'm out of your comp. but I wanted to comment anyway.
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