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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


An Update On Isaiah

Isaiah was back to school a few weeks ago. I kind of missed the boat on posting that blog. Better late than never.

He loves it! I love it too because he is such a great student and we have a carpool this year. It's really nice not to have to drive back and forth to the school twice a day. Every time I look at these pictures I laugh. This kid cracks me up and apparently does a pretty good job of cracking himself up too. : )

Isaiah's birthday was in July but it took me a good six weeks to get around to planning his party. I finally pulled it off on Sophia's birthday and because school had just started by that time, he was able to invite his school friends. We went to the Dinosaur Museum and had so much fun! Thankfully my friends Liz and Michelle came with me because it was stressful trying to keep track of that many kids on $2 dollar day. There were hundreds of people there!! After the museum we had pizza and cupcakes on the lawn. Opened presents and took pictures. It was a great day for everyone involved. : )

Oh, and it was VERY windy!

Isaiah is a beautiful child!!!! and has such an imaginative and smart little brain!!! looks like he had a great birthday!
Better late than never! And is that Beau Tu'ua?! Isn't he only a year older than Isaiah? I mean, I know all those boys are tall, but seriously, he's tall.

Great pics for a windy day!
Awesome pics Kiera. Your little man is a cutie pie!!!!!
oh what a handsome boy- i think those eyes on him are a completely new color- i can't even think of what to call them- but 'intense emerald-blue with a darkness'--? what is he gonna put on his license???
And I thought keeping track of 3 kids was hard. . . man. . .
Love the pics & they go so well with your new catchy music. I LOVE it!
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