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Friday, September 12, 2008


So This is What I'm Thinking

I have decided to do a give away. My first and maybe not even my last. We'll see how this one goes.

Here's the background. I am donating a photo shoot to my son's school for a silent auction. I'm trying to get myself prepped for it. I'm going to have a selection of my pictures in a portfolio so that people will know what they are bidding on. I need to choose maybe 8 or 10 of my best shots to include in this portfolio. I need to show variety, the types of groups I photograph, MY STYLE basically. That way maybe someone will bid on it! At least that's what I hope. I'm also hoping that by doing a give away, I can entice those of you who may normally choose nott to take the time to comment, to instead, leaf through some of my favorite shoots------->(in my sidebar) and let me know what you think. I need your help! This is what your comment could include...

1. Your favorite series.
2. Maybe one or two of your favorite images, either from that series or another. Do your best to describe but I think I'll know.

I have gone through my blog (for you) and made a selection of my favorite shoots. If you want to sift further, feel free. This however, will hopefully save you time and make participating in this give away less grueling. I just need a little direction and help. I've tried to make it easy for you although it will take a few minutes of your time.

The reason that this will help me is because I might not choose the same pictures as the rest of you. It will be interesting to see what you all come up with. I will tally up the "votes" and then choose the portfolio images for this auction based on your suggestions, with maybe one or two choices of my own.

In return for your kind service, I will be giving away..........drumroll please.............

A $15 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble!! Cool right? I can think of many, many, many books that I'd like to spend 15 bucks on. Ok peeps, I know it's not much but I don't have too much more to give right now. I hope this will at least encourage some of you to speak up and help me out.

I know that this is not in line with what I usually do here but I'm in the middle of removing my blocks and I'm putting it all out there. Fun right??

To enter just leave a comment by Monday the 15th, let's say midnight, my time of course. One lucky blogger will win by a random draw. I'm not sure how yet but I assure you it will be totally fair and neutral...I have obviously never done this before. Either way, on Monday a lucky one among you will win a new book or a movie or a CD or Starbucks. What ever your heart desires. I'll mail this nifty little GC anywhere around the world. Let's see what happens.

Ok peeps, vote! I need your help. Thanks so very, very much.

#1 with lollipop
with balloons jumping
very last one with the tipped and dangling toddler
3rd photo of your oldest (just a side note- I really love this photo)

hope that helps.
you are great and it was so fun to go back through your pics and revisit the year.
BOTL and everyone else,

I know I'm asking a lot. Thanks so much for your efforts and time!!!
I'd love to help! I'd love to win, too, but I'm resigned to the fact that I'll never win a giveaway online. And is that a profile shot of you that you tinkered with and replicated? I LOVE IT.
Here are my faves: (lollipop) hands RR tracks) (jump balloons) (mom "burqa") (mom back) (black around zoe, hands) -->actually ALL the pics of zoe. I was trying to do just one or two from each post, but I can't on this one. (heads, bookstore), sky)
--and ALL the ones against the mirror (can't resist a baby crying!!) (sunshine, mom's eyes closed) (skyler, edited)
and the skateboarding mirror image

I'm only half way through the list! Now I see why you needed help. And I'm really trying to be picky.
More: (bush, truth)
and "Shh" with the om ring (tavia to the side)
and with trains in background

THE DRESS ALL. but if I must pick: (encroaching) (angel)
and the bird, even though it's not on there and you might not want it in your portfolio for school parents, but still....i love it. (wedding ghost angst I LOVE THIS ONE) (anime make up)
okay....really *every one* in the return of the dress (bouquet in focus, bride not)
love the rings in the bouquet, too (bouquet behind his back)
eating cupcakes are cute (Maya, flowers) (tea party) (smith, red balloon) (holding hands, tracks)

I didn't mean to have 3 comments....hope this doesn't skew the odds....well, maybe a little, but I honestly didn't mean to do that. I don't know how much I helped since I picked like 30 pictures, but there you go.
Not to keep commenting....but I just realized that there weren't any of your kids in the list!! The ones of sophie as a snow fairy MUST be in there. Okay. Last comment. Really.

--I just looked at how long my comments are. Umm....sorry about that....
Here via Wonder woman.

I really liked the kids on the railroad tracks, the family in the orchard and the couple by the train. The photos of you mother are amazing... But, those are my favorites!

You are brilliant! Your photos have an incredible art feeling to them, and I thoroughly enjoyed browsing! Where are you located??
Okay, I can't choose between these 4:
(pics 3, 4 & 5 especially)
Ahhh, To Be a Mother
The Dress
So I know that didn't narrow it down a ton, but I couldn't decide! :)
I started writing down the ones I liked, and I realized I was writing down all of them. I'm thinking anything hinting at nudity is a NO, because parents might freak out. That would include even those awesome pics of your mom.
I'd get a variety to show the different stuff you do:
Portraits like your friend at girls camp (love the crawling shot and the laying in flowers), your brother,Tavia, etc. Couple shots like those of your sis and her guy at the library, and of course at least one wedding (the jumping shot) and a few kids, like the secret garden or baby Hibbin.
Oh and you HAVE to do one of the Dress. Or two.
Too many beautiful pictures. . . can't choose. . . Wow this must be incredibly hard for you to choose from. My opinion: considering your audience you must include pictures from the "secret garden" especially the one with all 3 drinking tea, and the one of Maiya in the flowers. Also, from a day at the ranch, I love the one with the ballons and with the boys walking down the railroad tracks. All of the pictures of Leah are really simple and elegant and I think that really shows your talent: the simplicity shows off the technique. Does that make sense? As for your style, I couldn't decide which. Hope that helps a little. Good luck!
Awesome idea. I look forward to checking them all out Monday morning because there is nothing that makes me happier than blogging while I am at work. So, I will be giving you my vote tomorrow!!!
The boys on the railroad tracks is one of my all time favorites. You also did a great job shooting the catalog for your friend that makes the tutus. I am completely in love with the photo of Sophie on the beach in her pink suit and the pink bucket is in the foreground. I love, love, love that one. The blue sky against the pink and the sand is just fantastic.
You also have a magnificent photo from the wedding series. This one: It's awesome. Such amazing colors and composition.
You have so many wonderful photos but I think these are a few of my favs.
Good luck putting together your portfolio!!!
somehow stumbled upon your blog (shellie to wonder woman to you)

I love your photos!

Here are some favorites:
rosy cheeked triplets,
wedding shoes,
leah kneeling in dirt,
smith's jumping,
green-shirted boy missing front teeth,
all of the Ah, to be a mother shots Wow!
and the first of the Secret Garden

Jace is still sleeping so I'll try to get a few suggestions!
#1-my sisters wedding pics LOL
I love the collage up close of their faces in B&W!
and the one of her feeding him the cupcake-cute and candid!

Going back now:
these are the links:
B&W of sophia in snow:

B&W matias

sophia fairy

dad & daughter

family shot:



pretty girl

matias & soph

train track boy


secret garden


i've always loved the series w your brother. i love the artsy feel to it. definitely the one w his reflection in the water.

to be a mother-the one w the baby and has a photo of mom's hands around it then dad's hands. i love how it looks like she's looking at your through the reflection the bus (i think that's a bus lol) gives off. very cool.

ooo, just saw the new mr & mrs...this one for sure:

heck, i'm just a big fan of all the kid pics. :)
i would bid on the shot w/ sister being kissed by boyfriend up against the shiny silver thing

i would bid on rachel's baby in any of the shots from that post

i would bid on the triplets picture w/ sibling looking at babies

(this was hard-i really like all your stuff!)
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