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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Silent Auction Back Story

I am so excited to take pictures of the darling family that won the silent auction a couple of weeks ago. We've been in touch and are scheduled to do our photo shoot on Friday. I am so excited!!! I'll be posting their teaser blog next week but until then, a funny story...

I was told by Misti, the woman who was actively bidding on this auction item up until the very last seconds and who ultimately won, that there was some cheating involved. Not by her of course because, as she says, "cheaters never win", but by a shady woman who tried to pass herself off as a neutral "volunteer". Instead of hearing it second hand from me, go check it out for yourself on Misti's blog. This story is so funny and you can read it right here.

I'm still unsure what the high bid was but I think it was around $95. I'll have to verify that, but if that is what it went for then I am ecstatic!! Especially because I set the minimum bid at $25. I'm also happy that there was a bidding war. Not only does that boost my ego a little (shameless, I know), but it drives up the money for school which was the whole point in the first place. ; )

I'm so happy that Misti and her family won this photo shoot. Especially because they truly earned it!

That's hillarious! you are so amazing at what you do! and I can't wait to see the photos!! DESERVE an ego boost! I hope this opens up a plethora of opportunities for you. Congratulations!
Yep, ditto to Jenny. You deserve it!!!! I read that story and I am SO glad that lady spoke up & said something. That volunteer should be sooooo ashamed of herself. Adults acting like that.......terrible!!!!
get those pics up here already
I love when when people feeds my ego!! so you go girl!!
what a great shoot! love all the pics and the location!
oops. i commented on the wrong post. i meant the shoot in the corn field..
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