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Monday, September 8, 2008


The New Mr. and Mrs.

***Because this particular entry happens to be in this special week of "unblocked blogging", I'm going to ramble on a bit in this post, and in subsequent posts this week. I feel I need to truly blog about whatever right now without limitations. If you don't want to read my blabbing, feel free to scroll straight down and check out one of the cutest couples I've ever met.***

I was asked to do my first wedding pictures over Labor day weekend. When I heard that my friend Michelle's little sister Sammi and her beau Andy were getting married, I was only too thrilled to take their 'wedding day' pictures. I traveled down to St. George for the big day and enjoyed almost every minute of it.

The day we were supposed to leave I really felt sick. I had already been feeling it for about 2 days leading up to Saturday but then Friday night I got hit hard. To the point where I couldn't help Steven get ready to drive down. I was winded just walking around and after crashing upon arrival, I had a hard time getting out of bed the next morning. By sheer determination I got myself up at 11:30 and got ready to go. I was nervous and concerned about getting the "right" shots. Slight pressure trying to capture "memories to last a lifetime". (You see the pressure I put on myself?) Making that happen in a new city where I was unfamiliar with my surroundings posed a challenge but, I think it went well. Thankfully!!! : )

Sammi and Andy are so TOTALLY in love with each other!! We started at the Temple in St. George and from there we explored some new territory together. For them, that new territory was the first minutes and hours of married life. For me it was exploring new locations in an unfamiliar town. We had a blast! These two are so photogenic and were willing to work for great pictures, on their wedding day no less, and I think that's exactly what we got. I was honored to be a part of the event.

These two may be the happiest people I know right now. Soak it'll feel better. I already do.

i LOVE these.
Beautiful! I love the ALL the touches of red. I could get married all over again just to have your amazing photographs!
those are gorgeous photos for a gorgeous couple! you did amazing, I am sure they are thrilled and will always cherish these!!!
Oh Kiera I know my sister will be in tears over how wonderful these are! I AM!! They are just beautiful! Thank you SO much for coming down and working through your sickness to do these! I know that my entire family is grateful for you and your talent!!
You are so talented! These photos rock. I know the couple is going to cherish them forever. Great job!

Girrrlll, you know you rock! Those pictures are amazing.
I am so sorry about Evan, my son turned 4 on the 7th. I feel your pain about being stuck. I have felt that way for years. I am happy to say that sleeping right has helped me alot. I now am selling my jewelry on Etsy, but I am debating letting it go to focus on teaching yoga part-time. Accupunture is expensive but I love it! Massage too!
MY gosh Kiera. THESE photos are absolutely breathtaking. It's really incredible. You should, need to be thrilled with yourself over these. You really have to tell me when you are in FL sometime and have time to shoot my family. I will make up an occasion just so you can take pics!!!!!!!!
I'm am SO happy with these you did awesome! almost as happy as my wedding day honestly haha. I couldn't be happier. THANK YOU so much! I feel so bad that you were sick :( I'm sorry! you did an amazing job being sick! again THANK YOU!
I got slammed with that same cold on Labor Day - I am AMAZED that you were able to do what you did through that!!

I love holding the bouquet behind his back, up on the rocks, the feet, and them kissing in front of the temple the best. You have such a great eye. Oh, and the rings in the rose!! Simply beautiful.
Amazing, love them.
This is Andy's sister - LOVE the pictures!!! I am so jealous. I had a crazy photographer for my wedding and the pictures didn't turn out great. This makes me want to put on my dress and rehash the whole day!
Kiera!!! Do you have any idea the memories you just gave them??? I could not pick a favorite even if you paid me to...they are all so unique and lovely. Sorry to hear you were sick, but it sounds like you had fun!
those are awesome! Its rare that I see good photos of LDS weddings, but maybe thats just me. I especially love the effect you used with them jumping on the temple steps.
oh my oh my oh my! amazing! well done. can i see more?
i love love love the shot of them pulling up their hemlines *L* how do you come up with this stuff??
These photos are so amazing! you did great! I want you to do my wedding pictures so bad!! ahh i love your work!
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