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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


My Little Superman

I was just thinking how much I love having a superhero around the house.

Matias has been growing and changing so much lately. He is in preschool three days a week and loves every minute of it. One of his favorite things to do is to practice his handwriting. He is getting really good and writing vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines. His sense of humor is developing and sharpening everyday and I'm not kidding when I say that this kid makes me laugh on a daily basis. He has such an irresistible personality, I'm like putty in his hands majority of the time. I guess that's the effect that a superhero has on me.

Even when he picks his nose.

However, not as much when he eats it afterward.

Hopefully he grows out of that???

By the way, if you want to enter another giveaway head on over to Jenny's Happy Life. She's a funny lady and I'm meeting requirements here. : )

we love this super hero even if he does eat it, who knows maybe it gives him super powers!
I love that second one! And now I have to go throw up.
So...I'm all "How ADORABLE!"... and then I choked on the vomit I suddenly had in my mouth. He's cute and gross all at the same time. :)
Oh...and thanks for entering!!! I was totally joking about the comment having to be flattering, and you all are cracking me up because everyone is saying something nice!!! Too sweet. And a good ego boost.
He is such a sweet kid. And superheroes are humans, just like us. Everyone has a flaw!!
ew gross! Thats great that you actually posted it though! My fav is the first picture.
Oh, I was already laughing at the nose picking, so I choked when I got to the eating it part! So funny!
I agree, btw, superheros are the best!
Oh Kiera. He is just so beautiful. I know how you feel. I live with a superhero everyday myself, changes daily from TMNT to Batman to Spiderman but always a hero. He is too cute!!!!
He is my favorite superhero! Booger picking and all. I am so excited to see you guys next month.
I'm not really telling you this yet, but I've some of the gross stuff going on in my house too. And I've been told it "tastes like chicken" -- I keep hoping that this child will outgrow it too, but not yet. But Matias sure is a cute boy, and a boy at that!!!
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