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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Good Bye Summer

Now that the weather is changing and it's cooling down I can honestly say that I am so excited!! October is my favorite month and autumn is my favorite season. Here are a few reasons why.

1. I love wearing jeans, sweaters, long sleeve t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, trenches, layers, boots and anything else warm and cute.

2. I love the sound of the fallen leaves crunching under my feet when I step on them.

3. The cool, crisp air is so refreshing. The leaves change colors and the mountains are gorgeous!! It's not too hot and it's not too cold. It's perfect.

That being said, I will miss the summer. If it would just go summer, fall, summer, fall, that would be great!

I never got around to posting these pictures from our day at Cresent Beach, FL this past June. My kids LOVED being here. It was storming moments before our arrival and so our picnic idea was scrapped. We ate in the car while the beach totally cleared out. Then, as if by design, as soon as we finished our lunch the clouds parted and it became the most perfect day to be at the beach. The weather had scared away most tourists and locals so we practically had the beach to ourselves. Isaiah spent the afternoon looking for shells and Matias and Sophie built sandcastles. The water was amazingly warm and gentle. Steven swam in the ocean with Isaiah, the only child brave enough to accompany him. I took pictures the whole time and stole a little reading time too. It was such a wonderful day!!

See, those are my feet. I really was there.

Why must you do this to me when you know I miss summer so much!
I recognized those pretty toes. I 100% agree with you that fall is the best season, it is perfect all around. I love boot and sweaters what could be better. I am so glad you and your adorable family got to have the beach basically to yourselves.

You are always able to take the most beautiful photographs of whatever surrounds you. I can’t even tell you how excited I am for you to take pictures of me and Mike when we come out in October.
Aaaah, I love hearing people talk about Fall because it gets me even more excited. I can't wait to walk in the cool crisp air with my jeans, a long sleeve cotton shirt and boots. I love it more now that I am older. Great beach pics. I was gonna say, where are you? Next time, a face pic please :)
Those are great; I especially love all the ones of your serendipitous that her suit matches the sand bucket! The soft clouds in the bw shot are cool too.
I am so right there with you. The few rainy days we have had I pulled out the blankets and hot chocolate and reveled. Summer/Fall/Spring. . . with like a week of winter in there. Just for Christmas. . .
You just had me thinking "yes, I DO love Fall" (I actually do. . .) when you popped those wonderful beach photos in. Now all I can do is think that I never even made it to the beach this summer!
Love the photos, especially the feet. I'm always the one with the camera (though my pictures don't turn out as perfect as yours!) so I'm not in many pictures either.

Thanks for visiting my blog.
those are such fun and beautiful pics! I miss summer already!
the empty bucket shot with your girly standing way in the background was stunnin'! That should be a card or something. I love fall too. I wear jeans all year long becuase i just luv 'em. It's my upper body that gets hot so it doesn't bother me thankfully. I saw the cutest DIANE VON FURSTENBERG coral trench at the thrift store today. You would have been in love! It was $30 though so I left it. Maybe it'll come down. I did find a great wreath that actually looked good with lots of natural stuff all over it so I snagged that & it's on my door *ahh* Picked up some mums today in yellow/dark orange for the porch. Now I feel ready to welcome fall. That was a fun post thanks for sharing
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