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Sunday, September 21, 2008



I am so relieved to have finally finished one of the longest, busiest, and most stressful weeks of my life. Phew!!
I managed to put together my portfolio for the auction despite a problem at the printers that sent me into a full panic less than an hour before I was supposed to have it ready. Because of this problem, the pictures that ended up making the final cut are slightly different from those in the previous post. It's a long story and believe it or not, I don't want to go into it. The auction went well! I scored an amazing deal on an 8 time yoga pass to It's Yoga. 26 bucks! A total steal, those babies go for $75! 6 am yoga class here I come. : ) I don't know who won the photo shoot yet but I'm so exited for them to email me so that we can set up a time to take pictures. Which reminds me, I got my camera and lens back! The turn around was really fast! I was very impressed. Now I hope that everything is in working order. I haven't had much of a chance to experiment yet with one small exception. The impromptu birthday party that I decided to throw for Sophie during one of the craziest weeks ever. What was I thinking? I'll tell ya, I was thinking "Why not? Why not add more work and stress to the craziest week of my life?" Unfortunately I cant tell you exactly why I was thinking that. Except for maybe that throwing a party is so much fun! That's probably why I went ahead and had the party this week instead of next. I needed to have some fun with my kiddies in between all of the chaos. Sophia had all of her friends over for a very special Pajama to Princess Party. We had pancakes for breakfast, cut into pretty shapes, we did pedicures and makeup and then dressed up as princesses and played.
It is a happy coincidence that the sound of the letter P is what Sophia and Matias have been working on in their talking time preschool class. I told her that if she wanted to have her party this week she had to say princess instead of the usual trincess. She managed to say it correctly when her birthday party hung in the balance. I was very proud. : ) She can hear the sound of p and says other p words correctly, she is just in a bad habit of saying this particular word wrong. The alliteration of p's in Sophies birthday party plans was purely accidental parralelism. Look for pictures in the next post. Ok I'll stop now.
Of course the biggest reason for my stress this week was the looming sacrament meeting talk I had to prepare. Oh boy, that was a challenge. But you know what? It was a welcomed and appreciated challenge. I accepted the invitation to speak and I really feel that I benefited from the experience. That's not to diminish my enthusiasm when I say that I am so glad it's all over. I can finally breathe easy again. In fact, I hadn't walked more than two steps away from the pulpit before I felt amazing. Great! So relieved that I had made it through in one piece. Now, with the exception of the usual school stuff and an appointment here and there I have all of next week free to spend how I desire. I plan on visiting friends, having a girls night out, and watching the premiere of the new fall season. All of my "stories" as Steven calls them are starting again. Heroes, Grey's Anatomy, Amazing Race, ANTM, and maybe a few choice others are already set up on my DVR to record. This is yet another reason I love the fall, TV!! Hahaha! I couldn't imagine trying to watch any TV without a DVR though. It would make me crazy and I probably wouldn't do it. Regular TV is for suckers. : ) Sorry if you are one but its true. Ok. I feel so much better now. I feel like I can finally unwind. Yay!

your talk was fantastic! and thanks......I am one of those suckers that doesn't have the special DVR!
I know you are Kristina. hehe, I love to tease you.
: )
Hey I'm one of those suckers too!! But it's okay, your talk was great, amazingly enough I was able to hear Leah's, and yours before Baby Boy decided he was antsy!! Thanks for all the great reminders!!
Yeah, another sucker here. I'm just glad I can catch most of them online. Thursdays are the hardest since the Office and GA are on at the same time! And ANTM is Wednesdays, when Levi's gone. =D

I'm glad you can breathe again. It sounds like your talk went well! Way to go on the yoga win. I think most mormon moms don't realize yet how great yoga is. (I talk like I've done it before.)

Maybe we should find a time to get together this week. Matias (and Sophie?) are in pre-school tuesday and thursday? Maybe Wednesday or Friday. We could come up there.
And the princess pajama pedi party sounds perfectly pleasant! =D Lots of fun. Good job, mom!
I was going to tell you your talk was amazing, but then you mocked me for not having DVR, so now your talk was only mediocre.
Whats up with none of you people having a DVR? Get with the times peeps! : )
SO cool!! You should be so proud of yourself for getting through all of it and with bells on!!!! I love the pajama to princess concept. So su-weet!!!!!
oh no, I forgot to watch ANTM! But I recored Heroes, and will be seeing it soon. And of course Dr Who on BBC America.
Looks like that was a great party for your daughter, mine will probably get the boring family party again.
1. i love dvR
2. so your camera is back...
3. i posted the party pictures finally, they weren't that great, but you can peek at them now : )
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