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Friday, September 26, 2008


My Decision '08

I just watched the debates and lets just say I'm an Obama Mama!

However, it's really too bad that because I live in Utah, my vote is worthless, pointless even. I often wonder, why do I even bother going to the polls? If I were to vote republican, which I don't, but if I did, it wouldn't matter because everyone and their brother votes republican here. If I vote democratic, it also doesn't matter because my vote gets washed away by the overwhelming majority. SOOO LAME!!! When are we going to change the electoral voting system in this country? Probably not until our country isn't totally falling apart at the seams, or maybe when when we aren't on the brink of another very serious, and scary I might add, Great Depression, or when we aren't in the middle of the most expensive, pointless, waste of a war (and waste of human life). My guess is that it's going to be a while. Not very optimistic am I? I guess I need to work on that. Until then, maybe I should move to Florida where my right to vote would actually count for something.

What are your thoughts on politics and our archaic electoral voting system?

Obama Mama, here, too! As for the other of the courses I will be taking during my college years is "Intro to American Politics"...because I don't understand the system enough! :)
I can't really tell you which one I really want to vote for, they both "BUG" me, but I do agree with you on the whole voting process. IT STINKS. Because no matter what it seems like your vote really doesn't matter much. The media always seems to call the race before all the polls have closed. I think it is LAME and rather PREHISTORIC.
I've been an Obama Mama since the very start! If John McCain wins I'm moving to canada!!
I don't even talk politics with my husband!
I'm with momo fali. BUT, I think you should move to FL. It has nothing to do with me cooking for you and you doing a family shoot. Really.........
We watched the debates, too......I'm more comfortable with Obama. At this point, I don't want to vote for either, but I think Obama's going to win. So I'm trying to listen to what he's saying. I've been pleasantly surprised.

You know how I feel about the voting thing - EXACTLY THE SAME as you. And I HATE feeling like my vote doesn't matter. I say straight popular vote. Though I don't know when it's ever going to get changed. And it makes me MAD.
I believe at this point it is picking the lesser of two evils, which I suppose would be Obama. Discouraging.
when the government is over business, medicare, banks, and real estate it's socialism. pretty slippery slope. just a few years from communism. I bummed how much control the government has all ready? I want less government more personal responsibility. DEATH PENALTY for serrrrious crimes. teach the children and change the direction were going all together. get rid of evil not force good, cuz good is no good when it's forced.
My parents are Democrat and Liberal Independent, respectively. As kids, I think we're all registered Independent, and vote according to the issues of the day, with no regard to party.
I read that Utah is 51st in the nation for registered voters...probably because everyone assumes that their vote won't count. Only 1/4 of all eligible voters here are actually registered. Sad, isn't it?
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