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Sunday, August 17, 2008


Victorian Art Exhibit

I got the chance to see this amazing John William Waterhouse painting at the Victorian Art Exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art this weekend. I went twice because the first time wasn't enough. It is titled "Mariamne Leaving the Judgment Seat of Herod" (1887). It is absolutely gorgeous. Waterhouse is my favorite painter. I love his style and the beautiful way that he paints woman. He is unmatched my most other artists in my opinion.

This painting called "Death Crowning Innocence" by George Fredric Watts was another image that stirred my soul. This painting resonates peace within me. It portrays the death of a child and the warmth and love that envelopes him as he is taken. Instead of a scary grim reaper or some other frightening image we conjure up when we think of death, this innocent baby is gently taken away by a loving woman. Perhaps a mother as well. She is protective, caring and tender as she crowns this innocent child with his golden halo. I love it. The colors, the texture of the paint, and the calmness it evokes in me all bring me joy and comfort at this time.

"Death Crowning Innocence" is beyond words. Very moving. So tender and bittersweet.

Being friends with you has made me realize how much visual art can move a person. Thank you, Kiera.
they were beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
yes. what a moving painting. i am very jealous of your visit to this exhibit- i want to go! so glad you take time to see these things.
Beautiful, both. I love the Pre-Raphaelites. Do you know if that first artist is the same one who does the Lady of Chalot painting?
I haven't visited an art museum in forever. My husband just isn't in to them as I am. When I used to go with the Art Guild in highschool, they had to send someone in to find me because I was never done when it was time to go.
I hope that last one is comforting to you at this time. It's beautiful!

I love the Pre-Raphaelites too!! I have the Lady of Shalott hanging in my house. It's my favorite painting. It's the other Waterhouse that I have seen in real life at the Tate Gallery in London. Its so big, more stunning in real life!!
How lucky! I would love to go see it someday too. (After reading your post, I found it online and its my desktop background at the moment. Then I realized my spelling error. Oh well.)I can see that influence in some of your photography sometimes.
Very lovely, sorry we missed it. I also love the Lady of Shallot.
Hey! Just wanted to tell you how sad I'm about your nephew... I do not have more words! I can't imagine how Angela is feeling!
I just saw your comment on Hofheins about "butterflies having that effect on her" --> you are so witty.

I miss you. We need to get together again soon.
Beautiful paintings!!! thanks for sharing! I am so sorry about your nephew!!! my heart aches for those closest to him! ....I must go kiss my babies once more.
FYI I was at that EMZE site looking at the skirts you photographed. I copied a few to email to my mom and show her...just thought you should know, those files are big enough that someone could steal them and print their own copies.
I think your sister in law may be able to find great comfort from another sister in the gospel that lost her 14 month old in June from a drowning accident. Her blog is
My thoughts and prayers are with your family.
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