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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Sophia Lily

Today my Princess Sophie turns 3 years old! I feel so incredibly blessed to have such a beautiful daughter to love and nurture. She truly makes my heart and spirit soar. Because I have two boys and a girl I can say this honestly, there is something extra special about a mother/daughter relationship and I'm so grateful to have Sophia in my life. Of all of my daughters, she is by far my favorite!

Some of Sophie's favorite things are:

Playing dress ups with Matias (playing anything with Matias for that matter)
Licking and chewing on her hair
Playing with Juan Carlos (her new kitten)
Pretending to be Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and playing "princesses"
Being a loving mommy to all of her dolls
Putting on makeup and being pretty
Cereal with an emphasis on Cheerios
Playing with her "spriends" (sp makes a f sound.)

Happy Birthday to my little angel baby. You will always be my princess!!

Oh Happy Birthday to Sophie from Uncle Mike and Aunt Candi. I can't believe she is already three, my how time flys. I hope you all have a very fun and special day.
I can hardly believe she's 3 already!! WOW!! She's such an angel too!! Happy Birthday SOPHIA!!
Sweet!!!! Happy Bday to your angel. I don't think I realized until now you had 3 children altogether. She's beautiful!!!
Happy Birthday Sophie!
Michelle, Chloe and Jace
Oooh. Happy Birthday to your little princess. She's adorable.
Beautiful photos, Kiera, and Sophie is SO PRETTY. Your whole family has such gorgeous features.
HOWEVER...I started to dry heave when I read she licks and chews her hair. *shudder* And I LUV the the kitten name! Juan Carlos!!! HA!
love all those..especially the one with the yellow and purple flowers, and the one just below it.
Our daughters are the same age; mine turns three in October.
Happy Birthday!
She's so gorgeous - happy b-day!
happy bday beautiful girl! i love that she has a mommy and daddy who cherish her!
happy b-day preciosa!!
now... about your last post!! hahah! Kiera you are so funny!! I told you that the books were good! It is not food for the soul, but it takes you to this place that is so romantic!!
I do not like when people say that they will never read the books because everybody is reading them... that is crazy!!!
She is so sweet! I can't get enough of your photos of her. Happy Birthday Sophie!
The photos of her are fab!! I love the one of her looking through her legs .
I still want to get together to do a fall shoot, I'm just a little behind with product, but I'll talk to you soon.
She's beautiful! I wish I had a girl. I'm so close to my mother, and I want a daughter to be close to. But, I wouldn't trade my boys. They're wonderful.

Great photos!
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