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Wednesday, July 30, 2008



I was tagged a while back. I knew that I wanted to do it but I also knew that I needed to do it right if I was going to bother. I really tried to think about my answers. I hope you enjoy. : )

I'd really like to hear from Wendy H, Emily, Ashley T, Jenny, Alyssa, and Elisha so tag, you're it!

I am.. expecting beautiful things to happen in my life.
I think.. therefore I am.
I know.. families are forever.
I want.. to have personal and professional success.
I have.. so much to be grateful for.
I wish.. for a/c...and for world peace.
I hate.. negativity.
I miss.. the ocean.
I fear.. I'd rather not discuss it.
I feel.. a deep desire to meditate and find peace within.
I hear.. muffled sounds in my right ear after two unsuccessful surgeries to fix an inner ear bone.
I smell.. Sophie's morning breath. I love that smell!
I search.. for balance.
I wonder.. why?
I regret.. not taking math my first year in college.
I love.. finding Sophia's dolls "taking naps" all around the house, with a wet wipe as a blanket. Listening to Matias' laugh, it's infectious! Observing Isaiah while he's learning something new. I cant help but share his enthusiasm. When Steven cooks me a delicious dinner, which thankfully for me is often. Taking pictures. Being creative. Exploring the world around me. The fact that there are endless answers for this question.
I care.. about solving our energy crisis! Lets go solar!
I always.. write to do lists.
I am not.. fake in any way.
I believe.. I am co-creator of my life.
I dance.. to the rhythm of the night. The night. Oh yeah. (remember that song?)
I sing.. quietly.
I don't always.. do what I'm supposed to. I'm a bit of a rebel. ;)
I write.. blog posts like this.
I win.. sometimes.
I lose.. sometimes.
I never.. say never.
I listen.. closely to my kids when they speak. They say interesting things.
I can usually be found..
 doing one or more of the 3 C', cleaning, caring for my kiddies.
I'm scared of.. verbalizing my fears.
I read.. as often as possible.
I am happy about.. my love, my life, my joy.

Now this is a good tag. I very much felt the *essence* of "Kiera" in your answers. Well done. You're so focused on your own self, and your family, yet care deeply about the world as well. I guess that's it - whatever it is you care about, you care deeply.

love ya, sista
Very nice to learn a little more about you!!
you are so genuine!
I love this! I'm glad you did this. It's fun to get to know you better. I miss you, lets get together.
you are an inspiring woman- I am glad you are alive and sharing yourself and your life on this blog!
Thanks for tagging me! I will do this when I get back from Hershey next week!
Your answers are wonderful, by the way...
I stole your tagged post. It said so much about you! I wanted to have it say so much about me on my little blog. ;) Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
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