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Sunday, July 20, 2008


Pictures From Camp

I originally had no intention of bringing my camera to camp with me. I figured it might be a distraction, not to mention I'd have to worry about keeping track of it and keeping it clean and safe while out in the middle of nowhere. However, my friend Leah convinced me that it would be a great opportunity for her and I to take pictures together which is something we've been talking about doing for months. I changed my mind and brought my camera along with me. I'm so glad I did because it presented the opportunity for us to finally have our dual photo shoot.

We went on a hike and took pictures of each other taking pictures. It was a blast! The hills were covered in wild flowers so we had a lot to work with! Here are my shots of her.

We each liked this camera angle so much that we both took our turn taking and posing for this shot. Here is her version of me.

To see more of her shots of me click here.

For any of you who are wondering, camp was amazing. I'm so happy that I went. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience that I wont soon forget. I felt blessed to have spent the week among such fine young women. I was able to grow closer to our girls and to the other leaders and that alone made the whole experience a worth while one. I am happy to be home though. 5 days without my kids and my hubby was a long time.

I love love these shots. You are both so gorgeous and your incredible spirits and talents make you even more so. Those girls are so lucky to have the leaders they do.

I'm so glad you enjoyed camp! And I'm a bit envious. It's such an amazing experience.
those are great, both you of her and her of you. makes me have a little camera lust combined with a little, " i wish i had gone to camp with you" sadness.

wednesday? of course!!
Another beautiful person in a beautiful setting. Glad you found time for the pics. You both have awesome cameras, I'm jealous.
beautiful shots! your both so talented and gorgeous!!
Hey sweets! Glad you're back and I'm so happy you had a good time. The pics are lovely...and I think you should know I'm tired of looking at gorgeous you and your gorgeous friends and family. STOP IT ALREADY! :)
wow, the shots are amazing. i even checked out your friend's, too. you both are so talented and pretty. i'm very envious. *sigh*
I'm glad you were able to get to go to camp with the YW. I miss going there myself. ALthough I haven't gone since, I was in camp over 12 years ago! WOW!! Great shots -- I'm glad you were able to get some time away for the two of you to get this photoshoot in. I think that they turned out great.
so fun! how are my girls? Katelyn, Emily, Julia, Taylor- I am so glad to hear you are a leader! lucky girls!
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