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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


More Bling

I recently was given another blog award. What's going on here? When it rains it pours I suppose and my cup runneth over. So now I get to say thank you to Stephanie who so kindly passed this Arte y Pico award my way. I have no idea what that means but it sounds cool. I love art and I also love pico. So there you go.

A big shout out to Stephanie who's blog Live. Love. Eat. (my 3 favorite things by the way) might be one of the tastiest blogs on the internet. Why buy a cookbook when you can get her recipes for free? I wish I knew how to cook like this but alas, that is not where my talents lie. If you don't know what to cook for dinner tonight you should check out her blog. You will be inspired!!

I'm going to pass this award on to Jenny who totally cracks me up. If you need a good laugh be sure to check her out. You will love her sense of humor.

To Birdie, who has always supported me since almost day one. She is so cool! She knows how to "create buzz" and has sent many a new person my way. Love her!!

And to my sister in law Candice who just this morning had surgery on her jaw to correct an under bite. She now has to endure 6 weeks of a liquid diet!! Good luck Candice, and when you can eat food again, be sure to visit Stephanie's blog. : )

Congrats on your new blog bling!

I think I lost your link for a while, and just realized I hadn't been here in a while. :o)
Sweets!!! Thank you so much! I love getting blog awards...they make me all warm and fuzzy. And this is only my third since I started blogging!!!!! So thank you, and thank you for the kind words! I will pass it on with honor.
Thank you so much! I actually got this one already and told you that I wanted you to have it in either the comments or in Buzz and that you needed to scroll down the blog to get it but you probably didn't listen to me! he he You are a truly beautiful woman who is blessed with an amazing talent to capture the beauty around us. Thank you for sharing it.
WOW, bling blaing, your awesome!!
Birdie, I guess I had to get it twice before I really got it! Thanks again!
Mmmm, pico. :) Way to go Kiera!
p.s. I have a couple of clients for you. . . we get SO many great comments about the pictures you took of the boys! I'll give you a call.
I did not know that you can win awards! Well you deserve it! I love your pics!
Congrats to you! Much deserved...that's all I can say.
Well thanks Kiera you’re too sweet. Congrats on the double bling. So after visiting Stephanie’s blog I am more than ready to eat regular food again. This whole liquid diet has lost its luster. I should let you know that your bro, Mike, is an awesome care taker. He never ever complains how many times I send him to Wal-Mart for more soup. But hey at least in October when we come to visit I will be able to chew again!
cool- i will check them all out (i had hoped to say 'hi' to you at church when we visited but haily got a little flu bug and i stayed home- dang it!)

It was so fun to run into you the other day in Provo. and I have to agree, your blog deserves an award. your photography is just wonderful. and your family is beautiful. Hope all is well with you, I will check back often.

take care.
Hi kiera, I wanted to add to the sentiments, Your pics are amazing! You totally deserve the awards! I really liked the camp pics too. It sounds like we have the same aged kids. Oh yeah, sorry about the karma thing on facebook, I can't really download alot of stuff, but I wanted to tell you thank you and maybe even send something your way, but I need your address (if you want to email me) and I hope we can keep in touch
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