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Friday, July 11, 2008


Love Peace Psychedelic

After 2 months of begging kind requests, I was finally able to get my brother Skyler out for a photo shoot. He's a busy guy with a lot of friends and better things to do, so to finally get this time to hang out with him was really fun! My sister Tavia joined us and the 3 of us went out in search of a good time. I didn't have any specific ideas for pictures which is not how I usually roll. I was very relieved when he suggested going to the Badlands to take pictures. Thank goodness for amazing locations like this. I plan on going back here, this place just oozes coolness. It didn't hurt that Skyler was the model I was working with. Isn't he pretty? Ahem, I mean handsome. HANDSOME!!

wow, you're whole family is just really photogenic and 'pretty'. looking at this brother, i can tell you're younger one is going to be 'pretty' errr handsome, too. i love all the family photos...your siblings, the kids, you & your husband, etc. not that i don't like the rest, too!

now i'm off to put the song playing on your page on my playlist!
Can't tell you how much I love these. The reflection shot, the double pick with the wall...seriously.

Will you autograph my copy of your book when it's published? And pput a personal note in? That'd be GRRRREAT.
Skyler has such a presence on camera it is crazy. Mike loved pictures of the "fool". I love how the Saenz family is so different and diverse in personalities.
He IS a handsome little devil. I've got a cool place I want to go explore. It says no trespassing, but I think those signs are just a formality really. Agree?
He looks like a real character; someone who'd be fun to meet. Great pics.
Excellent results!
Damn you have a good looking family.
I love the pictures where he is smiling. Such a pretty face.
what a perfect I want to go there! How many siblings do you have, anyway?
you officially have the coolest blog!!!
what a beautiful family you have!

I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Only Michael has yet to be photographed and plastered all over my blog. He lives in Kentucky and is in the Army. I plan to take his picture before he deploys...
Seriously a handsome man. It is hard to believe that is the little guy who used to run around with Ethan. Beautiful compositions.
long hair long hair long hair on guys always gets me , every time- i would have aaron's hair long always - but church and work and all that button down stuff makes it hard- this brother of your's is one cool guy.
Okay...could you just pass some of those incredible genes my way, please? Seriously.
Wonderful pics, gorgeous brother and sweet & lovely photographer!
great pics, looooove all the suttle colors.

We're making pettiskirts now, maybe you'll want to do a trade??? I really need some fabulous shots for my front page. I'll talk to my partner and we'll talk soon, I 'm sure
all of you are gorgeous! the pics are fantastic.
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