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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Isaiah's 7th Birthday

7 years and 3 days ago Isaiah Steven Haddock was born and oh what a glorious day it was. I daydreamed for 9 months about this boy. What would he look like? What would his personality be like? What were we going to name him? For months I would doodle his name on scratch paper while I was at work. I was obsessed.

Isaiah is so bright. He is intelligent and insightful. He has boundless curiosity, and I especially appreciate his excitement for sharing what he learns. He seems to remember everything he sees, hears or reads. The word genius comes to mind.

We love his warmth, kindness, compassion, and enthusiasm for life. This boy is a joy to have around and his dad and I are so grateful for the blessing of being his parents. Happy Birthday Ice Man. WE LOVE YOU!!

Happy Birthday Isaiah! Kiera...If you could market his'd be a millionare. I shouldn't assume, maybe you are!
I cant believe that he is 7! Wow how time flies. I remember the first time meeting him he was so small and you guys had taught him how to count in spanish.

Love Uncle Michael and Aunt Candi
and what a beautiful genius he is! happy Birthday Isaiah! p.s. Bella loved this post!
That boy and his eyes are going to be trouble:)
Seriously, his eyes are beautiful. I think my daughters are similar in color, but I can never seem to capture that.
Happy Birthday Isaiah! I love the pictures of him as a baby and growing up. He came and played today and he and JAckson had so much fun! What a pair they are.
happy belated to your little man! and congrats on your daughter getting the potty training down. i can tell how proud you are of your kids :)
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