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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Isaiah the Naughty Schoolboy

Our neighbor is Benjamin McPherson, a very talented artist who paints religious art and does so extremely well. A few months ago he asked Isaiah to be his model for a new painting. We, of course, jumped at the opportunity. Kristina has posted a picture of the painting on her blog. You can see it here. We love it and I'm sure you will too.

***I wanted to add that I did not take this picture. Kristina did. She's awesome.***

That's an awsome painting! Isaiah is adorable. Very cool!!
Holy crap he is an amazing painter. Isaiah was the perfect subject, even if he's not actually naughty.
Wow, that's awesome! And your photography is just amazing! You go girl!
beautifully captured expression. I love the warm, soft colors; the rich browns. Pretending to be naughty pays off sometimes. The painting was amazing as well.
yes he was the perfect little boy for this painting, we love you Isaiah!
I really liked the painting, not your typical Del Parson (who's daughter I went to highschool with.) I love it.
oh my that is just the coolest thing ever! lucky and cute boy!
I love this picture of Isaiah! I can't wait to see the painting, I'm going there next.
What a great painting, I love the expression on Isaiah he looks great!
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