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Sunday, July 27, 2008


Happy Birthday Steven

My most favorite person in the world just had his birthday. Steven is now the big 34! How blessed I am to have such a wonderful man to love. Yesterday our family went up past Sundance to Cascade Springs. It was cloudy and overcast and perfect! Great for pictures. We got up there before the rain started and left just in time to miss the down pour. We went home through Midway and Heber and it was so beautiful.

Happy Birthday Steven....I LOVE YOU!!!

***Thank you to Claire Noire and Greg for snapping the pictures with me in them. : )***

you guys are adorable, silly faced and all!
Happy birthday Steven!!
Um, LOVE the family picture!!!!!!

The new song you have on is Geoff and I's "song".
Aha! You're here! Man, I've been WAITING and WAITING for a new post. Cute pictures, as always!

Happy Birthday Steven!
happy birthday to your man! wow, 34. makes me feel old. LOL

the family pic is too cute.
All of you guys look so sweet together!!!!!! And you're so endearing with your funny faces!
What fun! I just adore you guys...I really do...
what a lovely set of shots- daddy with his little ones and i love the cooky last family pic- so full of life and character!
i LOVE the way your hair is looking, next time i see you were going to talk about how youre getting that whole wavy thing to work out.
You guys are so adorable, love the funny face pic!

Happy Birthday Steven!!
too funny! Happy birthday to your man *S* There's nothing better than sharing a life with someone who loves you as much as you love them. It's a true gift from God! Thanks as alwyas for sharing the "luv" through your pics!
i have a lot on my mind so hang on...
1st. i think we need to go to lunch because seeing each other at the weekly thang is not going to cut it! we need to talk gear, photo stuff, parenting, pregnancy, and beehives.
2nd. thank you for all the kind comments.
3rd. those pants are hot!
4th. happy bday husband of kiera!
What great pictures. I love that you took Steven to take pictures on his birthday! What a great way to remember. The family picture is wonderful!
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