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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Expression Via Rachel

But first, a couple of things...

I have very much been enjoying the idea of a concept photo shoot. I allows both me and my subject the ability to work outside of "who we are in rl.. (real life)". I find I have much more freedom in setting up and taking these kinds of pictures. I'm also discovering that it's the perfect way for me to express myself. My beliefs, my ideas, my feelings. It's always me, me, me isnt it? : )

This concept was originally going to be a trip back in time. We were going to have Rachel dress in the different styles of the 60's ad 70's...hippie, disco fever, mod, etc. We got about as far as hippie. : ) It worked though because it gave us a jumping off point and from there it became exactly what it was supposed to.

Oh yeah, and one more thing. Since our country recently celebrated it's Independence Day, I felt it would be fitting and appropriate for me to utilize my first amendment right to free speech and tell you all what I think.

My brother is in the military. He flies helicopters for the army and I couldn't be more proud of him. He loves what he does and even though his political views may differ from that of our pres, he is still honorably serving our country. He is going to be deployed this winter and even though we are all expecting and anticipating it, I have a pit in my stomach when I think of it. Why are we still there? For democracy? Yeah right! Let me just force freedom down your throat and see how you like it. To say I cant wait for a new president is a gross understatement.
While I was researching ideas for anti- war posters for this shoot I ran across a couple of excellent slogans. My favorite being:

"Thank you Mr. Bush, for 8 years of gore."

Yep, that about sums it up. In order to make my life a little easier though I decided to use these two posters because they were already made and expressed equally relevant ideas and feelings.

And now, without further adieu...Rachel

In case any of you don't know, I feel I should explain the symbol on this ring. It is the Om symbol or Aum. Please follow the link if you want more information. In short, it represents the sound of the creation. It is used in meditation as a mantra. It reminds me to BE STILL.

I voted for Bush and I will agree with the poster about the 4 years of Gore! though it may be for different reasons than yours *laugh* how making government even bigger than it was fit in to his equation I 'll never know. Anyway, I love the pics and the whole theme and my fave was the black & white cowboy hat one. Awesome. The last one was cute too!
Eeek I voted for him too. (I'm flushed with utter & complete embarrassment) So your earring delivery via bike has been delayed due to my athletic stupidity. What day are you leaving? I caught myself DYING (yes dying) for some quick Italian food tonight. As I drove through down town Provo, I realized that I was right in your neighborhood but without the "loot." ;) I'll drive them down tomorrow. I don't have your address anymore so yeah... so I will call you tomorrow to arrange the details.
Love the second to the last one especially. Very cool my friend.
Nice choices my arTEEST friend :) I haven't really left the hippie era since the photo shoot, guess I should bring myself back to 2008.
i have been in vegas for the last few days and haven't been able to stop by until now....i am impressed every time i'm here. really.

i didn't vote for bush jr....i didn't vote for anyone back then, i didn't feel any were worth my vote.
Again, very nice photos, great views all around.
I especially liked the last one, which I would bet my left boob is titled, "Ssshhhhh". Am I right? I'm right. :)
I know a lady who has that symbol tatooed on her back...she teaches yoga classes. Love the shots, especially the 70's treatments...the one in the field is awesome, with the sunburst behind her.
Awesome! You never fail to amaze me.

btw. one of these day's I'll finish typing up your interview. You may have thought that I am not going to use it, but I will. It just takes forever transcribing it and I'm usually too tired to focus on that at night when I have time... I just wanted to let you know. :)
Wow, I haven't seen Rachel for years, she is still as gorgeous as ever and you already know how I feel about your photography.
lovely and lovely-
i didn't vote for him- and it is time for new ideas- i want to wear a bikini top and look like this girl!
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