Peace and Pandemonium

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Blog Bling

A short while ago my friend Alyssa showed me some love and posted a really cool post on her sight. I was totally touched and completely flattered. This blog is a quick shout out to Alyssa who I'm sure is wishing she was going to camp this year!

How's this for hearing yourself on the radio!!!

More to come when I get home...

****I realize that this post sounds a little weird. Now that I'm reading it back it sounds kinda funny. I wrote this in like 5 minutes, immediately before I had to go to camp. Let me explain, one of Alyssa's favorite things is hearing herself on the radio, this shout out was supposed to be the blog equivalent. Hope that makes more sense now. I also now have the time to put the bling logo on. This is what happens when you try to post a blog in a hurry. Confusion! : )****

Thanks! Do you mind if I steal that pic? I have NONE of the parade. And I hope you're having fun at camp!! I am jealous!
If you all could just get home from camp NOW that would be great. Thanks. (Need new posts) :)
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