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Thursday, July 3, 2008



In order to prove how strong he is, Matias loves to pick up Sophia and hold her for as long as he can. She loves the attention. These two just love each other so much. Seeing them play nicely together and watching them express their affection for one another, makes my heart skip a beat. They are the best of friends.

These pictures were taken at Fanning Springs, one of the many awesome state parks in Florida. I have a lot more pictures to share from this very fun day!

That is simply DELICIOUS! It needs to be on a greeting card -NOW. My word. It embodies what brothers & sisters should be. My Bubby & Sissy are each other's best friend too though they would never admit it, ever. They make each other laugh & Drive each other crazy but have more fun when they're together than they have with anyone else.
btw, there's something for you at the maple :P
Birdie, you are the sweetest! Thank you!!
they are adorable...isn't it nice when your kids can be bff's? my girls are like that...though they sometimes fight like cats & dogs lol :)

btw i scrolled down for more photo totally rock. i wish i had your talent.
awesome pictures! I love the second one :)
Hi Kiera...I'm here by way of Birdie! I just looked over your last couple of posts, so I'll just sum up in one comment. Do you have ANY IDEA how talented you are? ANY IDEA???? My God, girl! Unreal. You have gorgeous friends, too! The "bride" even looked gorgeous with Alice Cooper make-up!!! You are so lucky to have this gift. I'm still searching for my gift that will make me happy and a way motherhood has yet to. I don't know you well enough to know the underlying issues in the "Growing Pains" post, but you sound like you are coming to terms with just being yourself. That's all you should be...anyone who judges or feels any different does not deserve to be in your life! Keep taking those pics, and keep it real! Happy 4th!
Beautiful. Mine were like that, too, until my son turned maybe 8. There were some rocky years (she adored him; he disdained her), but now (he is 16, she 13), their relationship has evolved, and it's wonderful (most of the time. Loved the pics! (Birdie sent me, BTW)
They are too cute together.
So sweet!
how could it get any better than that? what a sweet big brother- you can feel the love through your lens!
you are a gifted lady... you are able to cpature the most beautiful moments on camera and you are so generous for developing and sharing your talent. I love your photos they are so special. Your kids are adorable and you are amazing! I miss you, lets get together soon.
huh? I'm so confused about the flying thing! will you elaborate for my early morning fuzzy brain? -hee hee!
Adorable! My kids used to love each other like that. Now they just fight.
Love their expressions. B+W was a perfect choice for those pics.
Very cute!
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