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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Ashley and Joseph

Because neither my sister Ashley or her boyfriend Joseph own a car, they arranged to be picked up in SLC by my mom their own personal chauffeur, and were dropped off three hours later than expected promptly at my house to get ready for their photo shoot. I was very excited to take pictures of these two.

This was the first time that I was able to hang out with both Ashley and Joseph and I discovered that they are two peas in a pod! A perfect blend of silly playfulness and hip intellectualism. It was fun to see how much they complement each other. Ahhhh, young love!!

Kiera, these are spectacular! I'm in awe of your talent! All those against the mirror were beautiful, and with them looking in the car with the clouds? I can't even figure out how you did it!! They're a gorgeous couple and do seem to really "click."
Wow Kiera! These pictures are so cool! You have the greatest eye, I swear, and your execution is fantastic! Some day you have to teach me how to make what I see in my head come out in a photograph!
wow you have so many new posts, I love these shots! the first with the books is my fav!
I love that bookstore =) And... I still have your earrings. Can I bike to your place tomorrow and bring them to you? Let me know when a good time is. I'll be dragging Aiden along for the ride. He needs some kid play time.
First off, I have not dropped off the face of the earth but it felt like it for a while.

Second, they are a good looking couple, and I love the way you conveyed their love and personality. It makes me wonder just how long this talent has been waiting to break out and make itself known. Have you always photographed this well?! Why have I not known about it until this last year?

Would you be interested in going out to dinner without children?
You are so talented my dear! Can you come to to our house in Kentucky and take some pics of me and Mike before he deploys? Or would it work better if we come to Utah? ;)
KIERA!!! You are AMAZING, you have a SWEET gift and talent. Young, sweet LOVE -- can't go wrong there.
As always, beautiful pics!!! I didn't realize you stopped by my blog awhile back. It was before I set it up to let me know when someone commented and I must have missed it. So, thank you!!!
I'm just glad I'm getting to know you now, so when you are freakin famous I can say "I know her!!!"!

How cool is that couple???? VERY! Gorgeous, unbelievable, awesome photos. They have to get married now so those photos can be a slideshow before the ceremony!
I love these. I want a million more. And I won't pay you a cent for them because you're my sister and that's how it works in this family.

Joseph is pleased, he thinks there should be many more shots of just the guy in the hat. The other dude with the short hair can be left out.
oh what a treat! such inventive photography and i am jealous of sister's lovely 'decollatage'.
Yes please. Husbands or no? I think husbands would be fun. Get a hold of me, lets plan it!

I cant wait to take pics of you and that handsome hubby of yours. Seriously!! I cant wait.

Im dying laughing right now. 'The other dude'...hilarious!!

You're not the only one envious of her decollatage, I've been jealous for years!!!

To all,
Thanks you for commenting. My ego thinks she needs it and my soul very much appreciates it!! Love you all.
indeed i found you. so nice to meet and chat about common ground. my jaw is on the floor with these pics. ah!
The first and last are my favorites, though I love them all. I bet your sister loves them! You know so many beautiful people.
Wow! Your mom is beautiful, you're beautiful, your children are beautiful, and your siblings are beautiful too. Your family is just the most beautiful people. You are all very good looking.
This is great info to know.
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