Peace and Pandemonium

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Twirling... exactly how my mind feels right now. My head is spinning with all of the millions of things I have to do this week. Our family is going to Florida to visit Steven's family on Friday and I have so much to get done before then. I am so excited to get outta here! It's been 2 years since our last big family vacation and 3 1/2 years since we were in Florida last. We are long overdue! Get ready for pictures from the beach and amusement parks galore!!

Beautiful photograph,to wow!
Have SO much fun!
what the heck! how do you get that type of picture? you gotta enter that into something- --florida sounds wonderful about now-make me proud with that camera of yours...
I didn't realize you guys were leaving this week! What a fun vacation for you guys, and so great that your kids will be able to spend time with Steven's parents. Have a blast! (And I wanna see some of those pix of Isaac crying. I'm sure they're hilarious!)
For those reading comments: I just realized what that sounded like. I'm not a callous parent. My son was crying because Matias was in time out and Isaac thought he was leaving. He got pretty worked up, and Kiera got some shots of him crying.
So, coming to Florida huh? Well, I am hoping maybe that you guys can squeeze in a visit from me. I will be happy to drive to Gainesville for the day if you guys have any free days. Email me so I know if you guys are available to visit. My email is
I love the twirling picture and mind imagery together. Very nice! Poetic.

Have a blast on your vacation in Florida! I've got the traveling bug right now and can't wait to go somewhere. :o)
We're going to miss you, but I hope that you all have fun and that you come home exhausted and ready to play some more!
What a great action picture!
I hope you have a fantastic time and get some good beach time.
Have a fun trip! You deserve it!
hope you're having fun, fun, fun!!
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