Peace and Pandemonium

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Father & Son Camp Out

This past weekend Steven took the boys camping up Hobble Creek Canyon. They all had so much fun, up until Steven got a speeding ticket on the way home the next morning, but that's another story. Thanks to Parker Kemp for the great picture!!

Such a proud Papa. Camping in Utah is so fun, glad the boys got to play.
Awww! I love it when the guys do bonding things together. My hubby has been on a few cub scout campouts, and as much as he whined, he made great memories with our son that will last forever!
Oh, so fun! Did you girls celebrate at home?
this is the "All American Crew"!
I'm so glad that your boys went up. Parker and Jackson had so much fun with them!!! Jackson keeps asking when we get to go again, and we might actually take everyone Monday night. We love having you as friends, you're wonderful and so fun to be with! We're lucky to know you
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