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Monday, June 23, 2008


I'm Back...with a List

My five favorite things about Florida...

1. Spanish moss. Hands down, the best moss ever.

2. The daily thunder storms with the added bonus of warm torrential down pours. You can count on it, every afternoon in the summer, like clockwork.

3. The warm and gentle Atlantic ocean with gorgeous white sand beaches.

4. The decibel of nocturnal activity. Don't those creatures know we're trying to sleep here???

5. Dense forests and lush, thick greenery. The Cypress trees and their knees are my personal favorite. Natural springs bubble up all over the state. The landscape is just incredibly beautiful.

My five least favorite things about Florida...

1. Grass that looks and feels like little green sticks. It's not grass and you can't convince me otherwise.

2. How I feel like I need a cold shower all day starting immediately after I get out of a cold shower.

3. The way my hair doubles in size. Literally. I'm not exaggerating. I feel like I'm carrying around a bouffant on top of my head straight out the the 50's. The culprit being of course, the humidity.

4. Being called Ma'am. Not my favorite, even if it is considered polite.

5. Saying goodbye.

We had such a great time during our 9 glorious days of vacation. I really didn't want to leave. None of us did. We would have liked to stay indefinitely...maybe someday...
Even with that in mind, we are so happy to be home. I have hundreds of pictures to go through so I'll be posting pictures from this trip for weeks to come. I have lots of stories to share and thoughts to express. Give me some time, I'll pull it all together.

Glad you had a good time, but am even more glad that you're back, Ma'am.
It was so fun talking to you today and hearing about your trip. We have all missed you. I'm so happy that you had such a wonderful time, I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures and hearing more (I love the picture on you blog header of Sophia! Beautiful!)
love the new profile picture! And the new header picture! You know I love your photography.

My hair would be twice it's size also. I love cypress trees and spanish moss. So photographic!
I love the new header! And I wish the humidity made my hair bigger, instead it sucks it to my head so it's even flatter than normal. Good thing I live here instead of the South. :)
We had so much fun getting to see you guys. I know you love Utah, but I wish you could come back indefinitely! It would be so fun to see you much more often. I am looking forward to seeing all the pictures. We miss you guys lots.
I also LOVE the header pic with Sophie. It's perfect. I like the white and rose colors, too. So glad you had fun - can't wait to see pix.
yay vacation ! will be awaiting the pics!
so glad you're back! Did your cutesy nails survive the whole trip? :) Can't wait to hear more abou it all.
Surprisingly yes. Jewel and all. They're barely even chipping. Im pretty impressed. The mani, well that's a different story.
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