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Monday, May 12, 2008


She's A Rainbow

My little Lily is such a source of joy and inspiration. She never ceases to amaze me!! The love runs deep...

She comes in colors ev'rywhere

She combs her hair

She's like a rainbow

Coming, colors in the air

Oh, everywhere

She comes in colors

WOW! Speechless again! "Maginificent" is not quite the word to describe these pictures..but I do not have another one! So it will have to do for this time!
So beautiful.
Those are beautiful!!! I am amazed.
Her lips are the exact same color as that adorable skirt - so beautiful!
I LOVE that little girl! I cannot say it enough, you have a true talent for picture taking! Where did you get that skirt, I need one for my little Mila
That skirt is SO adorable. And, I love the cowboy boots with it. Your Lily is just so beautiful! And you capture her so well with your photography.

Great job!
you beat me to it!
The skirt belongs to my friend Kristina who hasn't yet been able to take pictures of her daughter Bella in this amazing skirt before I stole her thunder. :( Watch for her versions soon...

It's made by a company called Oopsy Daisy and I plan on buying one for Sophia as soon as I can.
i'm glad you left a comment!

i'm sure i was all over the place looking at shoes while my baby was screaming..
great pictures by the way..
They all are amazing pictures. You have a true talent for capturing the moment. I dont think I will ever be able to get over how cute your kids are.
beautiful, beautiful pictures! your amazing, and sophia is a doll! I mean to add to last comment. sorry dont know what happened.
I love the effects you did on those photos, not to mention the shots themselves. I wish I could capture my daughter's eyes like you have in that first one.
I'm blown away, she is just beyond beautiful. I miss her and you and everyone I need to come visit.
You have such a darling daughter. I think she's so beautiful. I miss her!
Just found your your photography!! You capture kids expressions beautifully.
Just came across your blog through Birdie's I believe. the photography is just beautiful!

Come by and visit sometime.
These pictures are SO beautiful! The colors just blow me away. Love the sparkle in her eyes! ;)
y'know, that's beautiful poetry too, is that something you wrote or is it by some famous poet and I'm just really lost?*L*
Birdie, You're cute!! They are Rolling Stones lyrics...I wish I wrote 'em. : )
I love, love these pictures of your beautiful daughter. You're amazing!
How the heck did I miss this post??? It's amazing! You did such a great job. I love the frills and color of the skirt against the couch and tall grass. What an amazing image!

I sure hope one day I'll figure out how to take images this good!

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