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Monday, May 5, 2008


A Shroud of Secrecy

This weekend my sister, my mom, and I all went to the Bonneville Salt Flats for an ethereal shoot. This series is of my mother (don't all gasp at once.)

This mesh covering may be thin, but Claire has many mysteries and secrets that remain concealed...maybe forever.

Don't Let Your Mind Get Weary And Confused
Your Will Be Still, Don't Try
Don't Let Your Heart Get Heavy Child
Inside You There's A Strength That Lies

Don't Let Your Soul Get Lonely Child
It's Only Time, It Will Go By
Don't Look For Love In Faces, Places
It's In You, That's Where You'll Find Kindness

Be Here Now, Here Now
Be Here Now, Here Now

Don't Lose Your Faith In Me
And I Will Try Not To Lose Faith In You
Don't Put Your Trust In Walls
'cause Walls Will Only Crush You When They Fall

Be Here Now, Here Now
Be Here Now, Here Now

Words by Ray Lamontagne

You went!! So jealous!

Now where are the pictures of you??
absolutely gorgeous. I hope I look that good at her age! Is that a tattoo I saw?
Anyway, another phenomenal job, to say the least!!!
THose pictures of your mother are incredible. She's gorgeous, so I see now where you and your sister get your good looks.

Thanks for sharing! Love the kids's bubble pictures below also. Great outfits.
Beauty runs in the family I guess...! I'm speechless...
Wow, I am continually floored by your photography! Your mom looks so gorgeous too; it's definitely not hard to see where you all got your beauty and your creative force!
what an awesome idea. thats great that your mom is so comfortable in her body to do something like that..not that she doesn't look as young as you.
The only thing I've ever gone to see on the Salt Flats is that big tin tree. Is that still around?
Shock and awe. These are breathtaking.
umm- those are soooo lovely- you are going to have to show me her birth certificate to get me to believe she birthed you and your siblings- no way she's over 35!

beautiful, beautiful woman
Wow your mom is so beautiful! and your photography is amazing!!
Shut up! That's your mother?! She's gorgeous and looks so young!
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