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Saturday, May 31, 2008


Catching Up

I feel like I have been so busy with life lately that I haven't hardly had a minute to blog about all of our happenings. The most exciting update is that yesterday was Isaiah's last day of first grade!! I couldn't be happier! Not because my little boy is growing and moving up in the world like you might think. Oh no, my reasons are much more superficial than that. I'm thrilled because now I can sleep in!! We went to his dance festival on Friday morning and watched him shake and wiggle...literally. It was very entertaining. We are now looking forward to a summer full of bug catching and swimming and play dates with friends. Whoo hoo!

Matias has been growing and developing so much lately. He has figured out how to butter me up before asking me for things. The other day we were standing in the kitchen and before he asked me to give him something delicious and unhealthy no doubt, he said, "Mom look at my face." I glazed over this request and went on doing what I was doing so he asked me again, this time with a little bit more angst, "Mom, look at my face!" Once again, I was busy in mommy la la land and totally ignored my sweet little boy. Finally along with grabbing my shirt roughly and tugging he yelled at me in a very frustrated tone, "MOM, LOOK AT MY FACE!!!!!" This of course got my attention and when I finally glanced down he flashed me this face.

This is his 'look at how cute and adorable I am' face. His 'you couldn't possibly say no to me when I look like this' face. Needless to say he got whatever it was he was asking for and I giggled about the whole episode for days after.

Isaiah recently came home reciting the old joke, Guess what? Chicken butt. Guess why? Chicken thigh. Guess who? Chicken poo. You get the idea. Ok, a little back story before I go to much further in this story. Matias has this thing with underwear. He thinks it's gross. I have no idea why. Poo, good. Farts, no big deal. Burping is cool, but underwear is gross. Anyway, once Matias heard this little two line joke he thought it was hilarious. Only he's kinda like Biff on Back to the know, the part where he says "Make like a tree and go away." He doesn't really get the punchline to the joke. Matias thinks this joke is funniest when it goes like this. (of course it doesn't start without the incessant need to have my full attention.) Mom, MOM, MOOOOMMMM!!!! Guess what? Chicken underwear. Guess why? Chicken underwear! Mom, Guess who? (you guessed it) Chicken underwear. It's so stupid that I cant help but laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME! No wonder he wont stop.

Another funny thing that Matias has been doing lately is asking me for hotdogs for dinner. Ok, that alone isn't all that funny but when it's accompanied by, 'with bums', it's hilarious. The first time he asked me for this I thought I had just misheard him. I asked him to repeat what he had just said and sure enough it was, "I want hotdogs with bums." Yes, bums. I'm laughing while I type. I don't even think he knows that it's supposed to be buns. He doesn't actually hear all that well, (he has diagnosed hearing loss for those of you who didn't know) so the innocence behind his request is the sweetest thing in the whole world. Man, I love this boy!

Sophia is just as sweet as ever. I'm about to attempt potty training. She is VERY reluctant. The girl is three in August and she is reluctant!! I cant figure it out. I was potty trained at 15 months and I heard that girls were easier to train than boys. Not so in my household. This girl has been holding strong. I'm going to break her though. Just you watch. I will triumph! Then I just have to teach Matias to wipe himself and I'll be home free...almost.

Life has been so good lately. We have so many wonderful things happening in our lives. Steven's new job has been wonderful so far. He has time to be a dad and a husband and an active member in our family. He is around so much more and I hear from him ALL THE TIME. I get regular phone calls throughout the day. I love it...most of the time. ;) Just kidding babe, I love it all the time. (That was just in case Steven is reading this right now.)

I have been taking lots of pictures lately and wanting to take more. I stumbled back into photography after an almost 10 year hiatus, thanks in large part to this blog. I finally have a place to post pictures. I've never been a scrap booker, in fact I hate the very idea, so before this blog all of my pictures sat on my computer, lost in file after endless file.

Many things have changed in the world of photography since I was in high school ditching all of my other classes so that I could spend the day in the darkroom. Digital has revolutionized the industry, creating a bit of a learning curve for me in the process. Photoshop is so fun, it opens the flood gates for creative artistic expression. I have so much to learn. I love art. I love expressing myself through art. I was never very good at drawing though and my painting skills were always falling short because I lacked the basic skills of good drawing. I have rediscovered that photography is my way of capturing the image in my head. Other artists may draw or paint or sculpt these images but I like to find them through light and lens.

Thanks to all of you who read this blog, who comment, and who cheer me on. Your kind words and inspiring messages have fueled me along.

Well, that's our life in a nutshell. I'll try not to get so behind from now on. I so love this blogging business. Isn't it fun?

I loved catching up with you and your family. In fact I read the whole blog to Michael so he is all caught up too. ;) I cant believe how big your kids are getting they are all so much fun. I am happy you have had a chance to make some money doing something you are amazing at. Keep up the good work and when we can come back to visit you better believe you are hired to take our family pictures before Mike deploys.
Love you tons Kiera from Mike and Candi
I, too, am totally infatuated with bloggin, so thanks for introducing me to it!! These are great stories and pix. Matias cracks me up. Love the pic of Sophie looking straight up - looks like the shadow is actually her legs. And the one of Steven is classic. :o) I'm so glad that you're loving photography so much and making money and doing well. It's so healthy for you!! Go Kiera!
You had me laughing out loud at your kids' antics. You're so good at getting the moments captured both in your stunning photography and in your prose!
I am super excited that you guys have a blog. I have been wanting to catch up with you all for sooo long and now I can read all about your lives and see all those beautiful faces too. I miss you guys and can't wait until I get a chance to see you.
Your children are so adorable and growing so well. You should be proud! I'm glad your hubby has more time to spend with the family, that's wonderful and so priceless.

And, I'm so glad work (photography) is going great! Your photos are amazing. I love the triplets' family below. I cannot imagine having triplets. They're adorable though.
It is things like "hot dogs with bums" that make motherhood wonderful!
yes- a fellow artist- so fun to read about your rediscovery of photography- you are quite adept at composition and creating and capturing a moment of life- or a person's life- and that is what good art does- it reflects life! (and fun to catch up with your fam!)
Loved this post! I still say you should join me on the dark side at Buzz.
Your dad and I love to see how much the kids are growing and changing. They are "absolutely beautiful". Your dad really really thinks you have a great photograher's eye. You catch the moments. One photograph says so many things about someone. That is what a good photographer is able to do. And that is you! Love you all.
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