Peace and Pandemonium

Monday, May 19, 2008


Best Friends

These two especially...

They are so precious. I am constantly amazed at how gorgeous your kids are. They truly are best friends I love watching the two of them play with one another.
cute kids!
so Steve is part of the Wilson clan now???....I'm so sorry!!hahah! I hope he has a good time in the company, I know that he will learn a lot, Greg is a great mentor!
love Lorena
ps. I do need to talk to you but i do not have your phoner number.. can you give it to me?
Sophia!!! I was with her in Nursery on Sunday -- and had to ask her what her name was to realize who she was. She's gorgeous!!! So is Matias!! And Isaiah.
I adore your kids and I'm so glad that our kids love eachother so much, it's fun to have such good friends!!!
awww!you need some Child or Parenting magazine...local paper even...something!
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