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Saturday, May 10, 2008


Ahhh, To Be A Mother

My friend Rachel graciously agreed to let me take pictures of her sweet lil' angel baby. She was so cooperative and willing to let us prop her up here and there and she never complained...until she finally got tired of us and decided to show it by projectile pooping all over her dad, but that's a whole different story. : )

These are the first newborn pictures I've taken so bear with me. Thankfully lil' miss Zoƫ was an excellent model. These are a some of my favorites...

Happy Mother's Day!

They turned out gorgeous!
Kiera, I am so impressed. Anytime you feel the need to experiment on a new subject give us a call. We will gladly let you take as many pictures of us as you want!
Thats it when we have a baby I am flying you out to take pictures of our baby! But you have to wait a few more years..... ;)
wow...I hope someday I'm that good. What a sweet baby.
Oh. My. Heavens. These are gorgeous. I love the feet with mom and dad's hands in a heart-shape!! They came out simply beautiful.
beautiful!!! Talented!!
These are adorable, Kiera! They turned out great. Thanks so much for doing them. You're very talented.
Okay, that does it. I'm having another baby just so you can take picture of him/her.
precious baby shots! I left you something at the Maple by the way...
You are so talented, took after Mom. I'm jealous but still happy that I at least get to brag that we're all related.
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