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Thursday, April 17, 2008


Tulip Festival

For a month now I have been anxiously awaiting the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point. There were supposed to be 90,000 bulbs in full bloom, all varieties, gorgeous colors. They were supposedly "stealing Hollands' thunder". Ummmmm, no. Not so much. I pretty much took a picture of every tulip in bloom in this place and have posted them here so that you don't have to waste 10 bucks on a very small handful of flowers.

The flowers that were open were so beautiful. I think in a couple of weeks it would be worth a trip back because there were thousands of tulips waiting to bloom. I guess this is what happens when winter just doesn't stop and it snows in April. Humpf!

I've always wanted to go check that out - thanks for the heads up about the timing!
I love the redesign! Very springy. The tuplips are beautiful. Too bad there weren't more. And yes, "A New Earth" is having an impact. I want to talk with someone about it already! We'll have to get together and do that.
How beautiful! I didn't know thanksgiving point had a tulip festival. Hopefully spring will come and stay for you guys soon, i remember those long winters.
Those pictures are great. I love plants. I just wish I knew how to take care of them.
where the heck is that? those are some lovely shots- sunny days and flowers-Yay spring!
The pics are beautiful Kiera. I have been wanting to go to that but have been debating about the 10$ entrance fee. Thanks for making up my mind!
Hey! I just came across your blog through Rhea's comments and thought I'd drop in. You don't meet very many Kiera's, especially not spelled that way, so I figured we Kiera's should stick together. ;) I love all of your gorgeous pictures. :)
What a shame so many thousands weren't blooming yet. They should warn you before you spend $10 on it! The ones you did photograph are beautiful though. Thanks for sharing!
Hi! I love your great pictures; my blog won't let me post pictures that big and it drives me nuts! The other Kiera is my sister...I came through her blog. Small world!
I'm so glad that you got to that. I know how bad you wanted to go, what beautiful shots you got. Now I really want to go see for myself.
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