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Wednesday, April 9, 2008


The Tree Room

Tonight Steven and I had the grand privilege of celebrating our seven year anniversary. Our actual anniversary isn't until the 11th but because of Steven's work schedule, we went out tonight.
Steven took me to Sundance for a decadent dinner in The Tree Room. It's interesting how the pace is so different up there as opposed to any other restaurant in town. Our 7:15 reservation had us dining until 10:15! Our experience was above and beyond what others might have, with the exception of a certain someone who will be mentioned in a minute.
Our friend Tyler, was our server, and Cameron, who was a previous employee of Stevens', was the chef. We were unbelievably well taken care of!! After being seated in the most comfortable chairs, we were greeted with a smile and an amuse bouche. After these "mouth amusers" we ordered an appetizer called blue cheese cheesecake. We were presented with not one, not two, not even three, but four appetizers. Cameron made us three dishes that weren't on the menu, they were just his own delicious creations. We truly felt like VIP's. After soup and salads, we got our entrees. I was completely surprised by the items on the menu. They featured dishes like pheasant, rabbit, wild boar... it was eye opening!! We had been told all about the buffalo, which again, kind of freaked me out, but Steven ordered it and I tried it and it was fantastic! I ordered the halibut on a bed of cous cous topped with grilled asparagus. It was very nice but in all honesty, I enjoyed the buffalo better. Who would have known?? About half way through our dinner the service level in the restaurant took a noticeable upturn. Steven was on to what was going down long before I was because he's smart like that, however, once Bob and his girlfriend were seated at the table right next to ours, I understood the frenzy much better. I'm not all that thrilled with "celebrity" but it did make dinner a bit more entertaining. Before the couple were even situated in their seats, the servers were bringing out Martini's and catering to their every whim. (Not much unlike the treatment we were receiving.) I have to admit, we were eavesdropping a bit on their conversation and they were of course talking about movies. Maybe it was because their conversation got my mind thinking of movies or maybe it was just that being in such close proximity to Bob, as the staff called him, you cant help but think of films.

Either way, Steven and I then had a nice long conversation about movies. I feel like the movies coming out today are depressing and violent and dark and I wonder why people are drawn to these types of movies. I'm very sensitive to movies, especially any that involve children. I tend to get deeply drawn in, and if I'm not careful the effect can be deep emotional suffering. If it's a depressing or violent movie then I feel horrible during and after it, even if it does win the best picture award. (No Country For Old Men) When I go to the movies, I go for entertainment purposes. I want to feel better after spending ten bucks and two hours in a dark theater, not worse!! I think thats a difficult argument to dispute but of course movies are so subjective and what offends one is perfectly fine to another and what is funny to one may not cause the other to even crack a smile. I guess thats why there are so many movies to choose from. Ok, back to the After our leftovers were boxed up, (which if any of you truly know me, you will know that the take out box will sit in my fridge for a week or so until I finally get around to throwing it out. So sad.) we ordered a chocolate truffle dessert. Words cannot describe the gloriousness of this little mound of decadence. It was the perfect and most satisfying way to end our meal.
I love eating well with my husband but more importantly I just love my husband. He is truly the most kind and patient man. He loves me so much and his most important priority is our family. He understands me in the most gentle and loving way, even when I dont offer him the same. He is fun to talk to (once I get him off the subject of sports) and he makes me laugh. He is the biggest source of peace in my life and his calming influence works wonders on me. I just adore him and I feel so incredibly lucky to have found the one person who fits me like a glove. I was going to say "completes me" but then I thought, boy thats cheesy and cliche. On second thought though, it fits very nicely in with my musings on movies. So let me just say what I think. It is true, no matter how corny it sounds. He completes me. He completes me.

Aw! It sounds like he would say the same thing about you. You two are lucky to have each other!

Happy Anniversary!
What great pictures of the two of you! The fancy dinner sounded really nice and how fun to have a celebrity sighting. I would think it would be super interesting to see how different they are treated compared to everyone else.

Happy Anniversary!
What an exceptionally marvelous evening for the two of you! You deserve it. No seven-year-itch here. Congratulations on your wonderful life together.
your feelings about movies relfect alot of how I feel about them...and it is so great when a group of creative people can come together and make an uplifting film that celebrates life and the human spirit instead of abrasive and in your face violence and sadness. (you must tell me your opinion of 'into the wild' when you see it...

woa- this Steven guy sounds super wonderful! and sundance dining lucky thing!
oooh, your blog is filled with such photographic beauty. you have a lovely family :-)

I hope you have a wonderful time at the tulip fields. My in-laws get to visit the tulip fields near Seattle this weekend. I'm soooo jealous!
What a romantic evening. It's so nice to just sit and talk with the one you love with no other distractions. Happy Anniversary! It sounds like it was celebrated perfect.
How great! You deserve a nice evening with one another. Happy Anniversary and congrats on 7 years of marriage. Love you!
Glad you guys had such a great night out! (jealous, but still glad) Those pictures of you both are so beautiful!
Happy 7th! How wonderful to get the star treatment like that too. I agree about the movies. We don't go see very many for that reason. I just posted a trailer earlier today with a little girl in it. She's precious! There looks to be action, comedy & drama, but it seems worth the trip. I may have to fork over the cash for it.
Ethan was probably a part of your meal also, as he is a line chef up there. Which is the reason I have had the good fortune to dine there four time in one year! The duck is fantastic! I am normally not a big duck fan but they do something magical to it.

I am so glad to hear how happy you and Steven are. It takes TWO good people to make a marriage work so I have no doubt that he could speak just as highly of you.
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