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Monday, April 7, 2008


Happy Birthday Tavia!

Today was Tavia's birthday!! My lil' sis turned 19 and I convinced her that she needed some fabulous birthday pictures to mark the occasion. We went to a really cool place called the Stoney Fields and right next to it was another locale called the Grassy Knoll. Both locations were awesome and the overcast skies made for perfect lighting for portraits. Tavia is so beautiful and ridiculously photogenic, that this shoot turned out soooooo amazing. I seriously had trouble trying to decide which pics to post. I narrowed it down to these. Happy 19th Tay!! Thanks for being such a fabulous model!

gorgeous photos (yet again), gorgeous mouth, gorgeous skin, ahh the beauty of it all! You manage to show the best in every person you photograph. Happy Birthday to your beautiful sister!
Truly amazing friend!
I could be a fabulous photographer if I had models like that to work with! lol She's your sister, right? Happy Birthday to her, and great photos!
Tavia is so striking and beautiful - like your whole family it seems! AND your pictures (of course) are great!
She truly is beautiful, I am having a hard time reconciling my memories of little tiny Tavia running around the yard with this gorgeous grown up woman. It's the smile, it gives it away, it is warm and playful and totally Tavia. Do you do family pics? Can I hire you? Seriously?
That fourth picture is so so beautiful. It's fun to see what gorgeous women your sisters have turned into.

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