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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Gone Astray

I had an eye opening experience on Sunday. Isaiah had left to go on a walk with our neighbors the Kemp's a half hour earlier and Sophia really wanted to go. She came into our room and asked for us to take her for a walk. We were both relaxing and told her that we weren't going to go on a walk right then but that she could play upstairs or in our yard. Her reply was the sweetest "Oh, ok". She happily walked out of our room and headed upstairs.

About 10 minutes later Liz dropped Isaiah off and invited us over to their house for treats. I told her we would come right over, I just had to get everyone rounded up first. I started looking around for Sophia and realized she wasn't in the house. I walked outside and checked our front yard, the neighbors backyards, our car, our backyard, and still no sign of her. I went back inside to recheck the house. Upon realizing she really wasn't there, I started to panic. I told Steven she was lost and we both got up to really start looking. Thankfully I had the Kemp's and the Trask's right outside my house willing to help and once I verified that she wasn't in our house, everyone dispersed into different directions. Elisha walked around the block and I started pounding on our neighbors doors. She wasn't any where to be found.

Panic! Heart pounding out of my chest! Dark fear!

I ran home and called the police. I hadn't seen much of Sophia that day, I had meetings, was busy working and visiting friends. It hurt me because I didn't know what she was wearing. How could I not know what she was wearing?! I described her the best I could. I couldn't really think straight. Still no sign of her.

Eventually the cops showed up. Two cars from either direction. Right about that time I could see our friend Adam in the distance. He was blurry and I couldn't tell if he had my baby or not. The cop said that the man down there had a little girl and wondered if I knew him. I said "Yes I know him but I don't know if that's my baby" He had his daughter with him and he was still too far away for me to recognize my little Sophie. The cop radioed down to the other cop and it was confirmed, Adam had found her.

Relief! Pure relief. Thanks and praises. I slumped under the weight of the concern I had just been consumed by. I started to cry.

I held my Sophia as tightly as I could without hurting her. I just whispered to her, "I love you, I love you, don't ever leave me, I need you."

30 minutes after she left my room to go for a walk she was back in my arms. The craziest part is this. For any of you who know my neighborhood, Adam found her at CENTER STREET! Center Street! That means that she crossed a very busy road, and wandered five blocks away in the process. I wish I had taken her on the walk that she so badly wanted to go on. I'm grateful for the second chance and for the learning experience. I never would have dreamed that my baby girl would have been so bold as to wander so far from home by herself. Now I know. I will be watching her like a hawk. I still shudder when I ponder what happened, and worse, what could have happened. I try not to, but I guess the fear serves to keep me alert and aware.
Mom's, watch your babies closely.

Thank you to everyone who helped us search for Sophia. Especially Adam, you saved the day, and my life. I am deeply grateful for your sensitive mind and heart. I have the best neighbors and friends. I am so very blessed. I love you all.

Well, I'm bawling now. I can't even comprehend the feelings you must have been having. I am so sorry. Thank goodness for a neighborhood and neighboors like ours. I may have to take that sign down...
Oh sweetie, i cant even imagine the panic and fear you felt. I am so grateful she is safe and sound. I cant believe how far she wondered dont beat yourself up about this. You are a great mom and thank God Sophie is safe. I love ya Kiera.
I am So sorry! Sophia is so little and that is an awfully long time and distance. I'd give you a hug and cry with you. I know how you feel. Kaja rode her bike to school yesterday and is always home by 2:45 at the very latest. 3:00 came...3:15 came... I was in panic mode as well! Bawling my head off thinking I'd never see my little girl again. I called all the neighbors, called Bryce home from work and was on the verge of calling the police (phone in hand with half the number dialed) when she and her bike and her best friend (that had joined the search ) came walking into the cul-de-sac. I had poured my heart and soul into a tear filled prayer only moments before. Even the thought of never seeing Sophia again had to be gut wrenching. Truly truly gut wrenching. I feel for you. I am so relieved that they are both home safe with their moms.
Oh, What a horrible experience! I'm so glad you found her, and so quickly! Just reading your account I can feel that dropping stomach feeling you get when something goes so terribly wrong. I'm so glad everything turned out well!
I had tears in my eyes reading this...
Skyler and I could not believe this!!!
I wish we would have known and could have helped - but so happy to hear you had neighbors helping you.

Something very similar happened to my little sister in California when we where growing up - it about killed my mom and all of us - we couldn't find her for an was a horrible experience to say the least, you know what i mean...

So happy she is safe.

Remember when Calvin and Matias were missing at discovery park? I know that sickening feeling when your world begins to crumble away and you already start to wonder how you can go on living. I have a runner, thankfully he has grown out of it but Mila is just growing into it. You are a good mom, don't feel bad about not going for the walk, you are doing a damn good job.
oh yes, my two year old daughter is also a wanderer. She can disapear in the blink of an eye. Last week I found her inside a neighbor's apartment only because her bike was parked outside. Luckily they were people we knew!
And a month or two ago, I was at a church thing and she walked out the door and into the construction site next door. I thought she had just wandered down the hall, until another neighbor brought her in, saying she had been out in the dirt and someone had called the police right before she got there. Yikes.
As a kid, I was supposed to be watching my younger siblings. My three year old brother crossed main and center and some total stranger brought him back, only because he knew where his own house was.
So yeah, I hear you.
Even 5 minutes after reading your account, my heart is still pounding. And all the way at Center Street?! That's terrifying! Crossing 3rd south.....the Lord was watching over her, that's for sure. Such a precious girl. I'm so glad everyone was there to help. You're truly blessed.
I am totally teary eyed. I can't believe she made it to Center street. That is so scary. This is a good lesson for me to remember that the kids are so little still. I am so glad everything turned out ok.
Kiera, I am so glad that you found her so quickly and that she was okay. What a blessing. I feel just sick for you. Thank heavens it all turned out okay!
HOLY COW!!! Kiera -- that is so scary !! Good thing that she was looked out for!! Crossing 300 south -- how freaky !!! ANd I was fretting because my son had a nasty ear infection and wouldn't stop fussing and crying -- now I'm just glad that I can hold him, fussy or not. ALthough not fussy would be preferrable.
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