Peace and Pandemonium

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Extreme Sunday

This afternoon we took the family for a hike in Rock Canyon. A man, who was on his way down, asked us if we had seen the slack line. He pointed up on the mountain and before his words had time to register, I thought he was pointing out the small group of people who had hiked up the side of the canyon wall. I looked and to my total amazement, he wasn't talking about them at all. He was talking about this.

Holy smoke! Please tell me that person was connected somehow...some kind of safety. I'm going to throw slight fear of heights just intensified with those pictures!

Looks like a neat place to hike though...with two feet safely on the ground.
Shut your face! Is that boy crazy walking across that!! I dont even know what to say. Looks like a great day back home.
THat's nuts. I bet it was interesting to watch though, huh? I would try it if I didn't have kids. Having kids pretty much rules out doing the really dumb stuff. Thansk for sharing the picture! Oh and would you mind me adding you to my Blog Mall?
Ok, so the weather was beautiful and showed in your pictures. But, did you flip out when you saw that crazy person? Could you tell he was hooked on while he was walking before dangling?
I was freaking out but I assumed he was connected. I kept wishing I had yours and Parkers new telephoto lens! Ahhhh, the pictures would have been unreal.

Isn't this the most insane thing you've ever seen??
Holy frijoles!!! Now doesn't that just bring new meaning to "Living on the edge." Hopefully someone in he crew knows about emergency responding.
ohhh--my stomach is turning as I type... but i can't help but admire those kids sense of balance and alignment- very cool. and we love that rock canyon too- love hinking there.
I'm SO glad you included that last shot too! The first two seriously feaked me out a bit!
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