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Thursday, April 10, 2008


Coyote and Burro

Whenever Isaiah talks about what he wants to be when he grows up, he always has the same three answers. An illustrator, an author, and a scientist. I tell him, if you want to write stories when you grow up, you need to start writing stories now! The other day he presented me with the first story in a series he called The Adventures of Coyote and Burro. Keep in mind, I had absolutely nothing to do with this creative outburst. This is all Isaiah's doing. I am merely an observer, amazed by the depth of this child's ability.

I will translate and add punctuation for better understanding.

Coyote and Burro
Written and Illustrated by Isaiah Haddock

One day Coyote and Burro were walking in the desert.
"Leaping lizards!" shouted Coyote, "I could eat a fish."
So he stuck his head in a rattlesnakes tunnel but it bit him on the nose.
"Ouch!" howled Coyote, "I only wanted to invite him to lunch."

The End

Yay! I'm first! I'm never first! What a great story! I seriously laughed out loud!
well he had all the important bones of a story there didn't he?
What a smarty pants. You know, he has better penmanship than my kids and they're 12 & 9!
How fun! I cant wait to read more about coyote and leaping lizard. He is such a smart boy, you must be so proud.
He's got a plot, conversation, character interaction, good action and an awesome sense of humor all in that tiny story! I'm so impressed.

Now, what's even better, my boys would LOVE that story.

You've got a talented little boy there. Make sure he keeps writing!!
Wow! A literary genius at only seven! I look forward to more stories from and about him. I still love how he asked where they took the neut out of the snake! Classic.
I'm totally impressed.
That's not too bad at all. . .
what a creative boy. You have to save that and pull it out at his wedding dinner! His wife will love it.
I can't wait for the next chapter in "Coyote and burro." I love it when kids write. I should post some of Kaja's stuff... Isaiah is my inspiration! Sweet boy.
Smartest kid I know, I love that story.
Smartest kid I know, I love that story.
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