Peace and Pandemonium

Thursday, April 24, 2008


April Showers

Just about the time that Sophia finished putting together her snazzy ensemble, it started to snow! Perfect timing...

***I'm trying out a new way of uploading pictures and I've made them a little bit smaller in hopes of helping my page to load faster. Will you let me know if it's making any difference?***

These are so beautiful Kiera. I don't think being a bit smaller detracts from them at all.
She is such a cutie pie. I love all of her creative outfits she puts together. And the page loaded really quickly for me fyi.
what the.... these should win awards!!! perfect little girl, perfect little outfit, perfect photography! love it!!!
i love it when stuff like that happens- chance-I guess is what it is called and there could be no cuter girl for the snow to fall softly on...
The page loaded a little bit quicker for me, I think. How are you putting them up there now?
I didn't notice the page loading slow before.....but it was quick today. And I can't say how much I love this snow fairy picture. It's perfect.
That outfit is FANTABULOUS!!! Love it! And, combined with snow, it's an awesome picture. Seriously.
I'm compressing them in photobucket first, then putting them on my page.

These comments are so nice....Thank you!
TOO MUCH! These pictures are scrumptious!
love them, she's so adorable. we need to get miles & your kids together again soon.
Just ran across your blog and had to leave a comment- these pictures are darling. Love the feel, the emotion, the way it speaks. Beautiful!
Next time Sophia dresses up you can too. Your back ordered earrings came today. =)
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