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Saturday, March 22, 2008


Soccer Mom

Isaiah and Matias are playing soccer this season which I guess makes me an official "soccer mom". This has made me very busy lately with games and practices 4 days a week. What did I get myself into?

Isaiah is playing on a team with a few friends from his first grade class and a neighborhood friend, Jackson Kemp. This has proved to be great for me because Liz and I get to hang out during the game and Matias, Chloe, and Sophia entertain themselves. Combined the boys have had four games so far and have lost all of them but I have reassured both boys that winning isn't the reason for playing. The point is to have fun, get exercise and of course, the most important part of playing team sports, to get treats. Isaiah is willing to accept that, Matias is not. I think he would rather win! : )

Matias is playing on a team with a bunch of other 4 and 5 year olds. He is the smallest and the youngest on the team which makes the competition a little bit more intimidating but he has done quite well so far. He occasionally forgets what he's supposed to be doing and when that happens he is the only kid on the field not caught up in the herd of kicking feet and swinging legs. I think both boys have really enjoyed themselves so far which is good because the season has just started and there are many more games to be played. Maybe our record will even improve.

4 days a week huh... sounds like our Karate schedule. It looks like they are having a blast! You aren't planning on buying a minivan anytime soon are ya? J/K. ;)
The chest bump....LOVE it!
Great pictures! You have some cute little soccer players. Soccer is so good for kids. Both my kids played soccer in the fall and loved it. (I actually ended up coaching the 5 yr old team, which was fun!)

Now both my boys are playing baseball, which takes up even more time. My older son's team can have up to two games a week, in addition to practices. We're about to get super busy, so I'm with ya...

I've got a good book in the car at all times and my camera...along with all their sports gear, water bottles, etc. Keeps us moms on our toes, huh?
great action shots! i can't wait til Cohen's old enough to do stuff like that!
soccer is so great- i am so glad your kids play- we bought our girls a portable goal and little shoes and pink soccer balls- i want them to start getting the idea of how it works-those pics are really cool- so cute boys!
wow. I bet they love it though...they're adorable as always. I have to ask...what kind of camera are you using for these shots you post??? Do you use photo software program too? Man, they are the BEST! My friend is a professional photographer and your every day pictures are rivaling hers. I want your camera *L* I jsut want to capture my moments like you capture yours. My pictures are some of my favorite possessions. Tell me more!
Ah, yes...the treats. The only reason my daughter enjoys softball is for the free snow cones after the games.

You take stunning photos. I'm totally jealous.
is it the Canon EOS 400D Rebel xti?? Just making sure on specifics so I can tell my husband. He loves to buy me a good camera (usually once a year but I passed last year.) I have a Canon Power shot A610 and as you can see, the pics are not good. All of yours that you post seem to be downright realistic as if I'm standing there myself! The color & lighting is pretty much spot on and I know you can't be using special lighting in all of them.
I'd love to know what kind of camera she uses also. I have a Canon Powershot S2 IS, but I'd really love either the newest S5 or a DSLR like the Rebel...I have a birthday coming up next month and I may beg...
yes, do dish! I just visited a blog who's owner has a Canon Rebel Xti and though the pics are nice and clear, they are still nothing like yours. I'm guessing it's the camera plus the software? (& of course the operator).
Looks like fun! I coached a four year old team a couple of years ago and it was a blast although every time an airplane went over head we would lose most of their attention for about five minutes.
awesome pictures with your awesome camera. I would love some of the ones that you took of Isaiah and Jackson. We love that we get to see you a couple times a week for soccer, so fun! And Jackson lOvEs being on the same team with Isiah!
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