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Saturday, March 1, 2008


The Painted Pony

After Steven and I arrived in St. George on Wednesday evening we were ready to get our vacation started. A friend of ours works at a fancy schmancy restaurant called the Painted Pony. We decided to pay him a visit and enjoy a slightly pretentious dinner while we were at it. The overall experience was fantastic. The setting was warm and atmospheric, our server Nate (our friend) was fabulous and the food was quite good. The appetizer and dessert were especially delicious...

This was the appetizer we ordered and it was amazing. It's called the Phyllo Baked Brie and I was completely surprised by how fantastic the flavors blended together. We needed a brief tutorial and this is what we learned...You take a slice of the toasted bread and spread a clove of the roasted garlic on the bread (like butta). Then you spread a healthy slice of the oozy gooey cheese on the garlic bread. Now this is the especially delicious part, the dark stuff that looks like black beans are actually blackberry compote. You then spread the blackberries on top of the cheese and enjoy. I'm telling you, this dish was divine. I've never tasted anything else like it. Muy magnifique!!

My steak was overcooked and that's never a good thing so we wont talk too much about the main dish but...dessert, that was a whole different story.

I ordered the White Chocolate Cheesecake Tower. It made me so happy. It was cheesecake filling spread between walnut lace cookies and topped with raspberry sauce and blueberries. I couldn't eat the whole thing, but oh my, what I had was sooo satisfying.

These lilies were so beautiful and I wish I had captured a better photo. The camera that I was using wasn't great and this picture ended up being kind of blurry. (Hence the photoshopping) I still love this picture. Lilies are my favorite!
It was a wonderfully relaxing beginning to a much needed break. More to come...

How fun. The food looked so good. I think I would give almost anything for a bite of that cheesecake tower right about now.
Jealous, jealous. I really want that food right now. I don't know which one looks better!
Yummmmmm! A very easy way to copy that Brie is to buy some Frozen puff pastry and wheel of Brie, roll out the puff pastry and wrap it around the cheese, bake and serve it with a really good jar of preserves, I personally could eat the whole wheel if it were served with fresh pears. SOOOOOOO good.
I'm so jealous!! You know that my favorite thing to do is eat out! Those plates look so good! I just wanted to leave a little note so you know that you are on my list now and I will be checking on you often....aka... I'm your new "blog stalker" hahah!
It was nice to see you and the kids the other night. Bryce was telling me that we need to do things together.. so do not be surprise when you get an invitation for dinner one of this days.
Anyways I have to go... the maid is off so I have to clean the house..yea right! Nice dream!
Um, are you kidding about that appetizer. That seriously looks like ambrosia-fruit of the Gods.
Eating pears with brie and preserves sounds so good that I'm salivating just thinking about it! I need to try that recipe at home soon.
ooooooooooooooooooooooooo- looks so elegant and like is set the mood for all you 'alone time'!!!heehee!
I have eaten there several times and it is amazing. My favortie restaurant down there for sure!!! I am jealous too!
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