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Sunday, March 9, 2008


Let Me Count The Ways

Her willingness to please everyone.
Her soft silky skin.
Her sweet disposition.
Her lovely, curly locks of hair.
Her gentle kindness to everyone around her.
Her inability to pronounce the "f" sound so instead it's "sp". For example, "Mama, I want some spood." "You're spunny, daddy!" "I spound it!"
Her reply when I ask her how she's feeling, "I'm speeling better." (It's always better.)
Her incredible intelligence.
Her surety that kisses from mom or dad will make everything better.
Her sincere compliments.
Her exceptionally polite manners.
Her innocence.
Her delicate butterfly kisses.
Her tender hugs.
Her captivating smile.
Her overwhelming beauty!

She is my daughter, my joy, my delight. She makes my heart sing. I adore her. I admire her. I feel blessed to have her in my life. I am overjoyed to be her mother. I am filled with love and appreciation for this little angel we call Sophia...

Kiera.. you are an artist by heart! Man! You always put things in a way that they sound like poems!What beautiful words you have to say to your daughter. Me... I have them in my heart but they never come out that way. I hope you have a Journal in wich you put your thoughts.. if you don't.. buy one!!!!
About your pictures.. they are fabulous!..there is anything that you do not do well? Let me know so I can feel better about myself today! haha
She certainly is sweet and your photography is as gorgeous as it's subjects.
Awww she's precious! Love that dimple in her chin too.
Every time I hear the song "Shes' Got a Way, by Billy Joel, I think of my daughter like you think of yours. A treasured blessing with a special way about her that captures my heart.
Adorable picture and such sweet words! You've captured your heart on the page, I'm impressed. Thanks for sharing that with us.
Those words were beautiful. I don't know your little girl as well as you do but I can say I see all of that you've mentioned. I think she is very sweet and like I mentioned before I like sticking up for her at nursery because of that sweet personality she has, she never wants to scream at anybody. I love your blog!
oh little sophia! i remember back to when she was very little- she had a small complication? the ward was so concerned and I signed up to help watch the kids- but got the time wrong or sorry- yes, an angel with wide eyes and red lips, so glad she has a mother to adore her and be such a wonderful gift to her young life... (trouble at home w/ Aaron's baby brother- we had to kick him out!! that little pooh!- taking up all of my free time...long story...will tell later)
I love this post. And I never knew you took such great pictures...have you ever considered doing photography?
What a beautiful post! Makes me want a little girl even more. thanks alot! :)
And Sophia is amazing, I'm always overwhelmed by how intelligent and sweet she is. Your blogs always make me miss you and your kids so much.

I'm very happy you started this blog, it's the perfect venue to showoff your many talents.
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