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Thursday, March 27, 2008


Hansel and Gretel

For three months Isaiah has been going to play practice once a week. Every Wednesday after school he has been learning songs and rehearsing his part in the musical production of Hansel and Gretel. His part, along with all of the other Kindergarten and first graders was that of the stepmothers servant. While his part was small he was on stage often singing and doing little dances. He even had a speaking part that he was able to say into the microphone. So cute! The play itself was a little all over the combined the story of Hansel and Gretel with many other fairy tale characters and even though the main characters were wearing microphones, they were poor quality and the audience only heard about 50% of what was being said. Well that and the fact that a lot of the lines were forgotten. : ) That being said, it was an elementary school play not Broadway so my expectations were met and even exceeded at times. Isaiah had a lot of fun and we were glad that he was able to have this experience.

I caught Isaiah peeking out from behind the stage curtain...the little rebel. I was actually glad because I love this shot!

So lets talk about this costume. First of all, I had no idea that he was supposed to wear white...oh well, the blue did make him stand out more. In addition, I love that Isaiah couldn't be bothered to take off his jeans, or even his slip-on shoes for that matter...

Then again, it could have been worse. This little girl (er...boy??) seems to have spilled her (his?) drink down her (his?) shirt. On second thought, Isaiah's shirt is equally dirty so maybe it is worse!? Ehhh, what are you gonna do?


and dancin'.

On a photography note...once again, I didn't have a tripod and the auditorium was dark so the lighting wasn't ideal. I caught a couple cute pictures but majority of them were blurry. Argghh, this is becoming very frustrating to me. I'm wondering if I need to upgrade my lens or my camera (the Canon Rebel XTi for those of you who have been wondering) or both. Maybe I just need a tripod. I don't know but I still trying to learn how to use this camera and I'm doing it by using the manual settings only so bear with me. In this case, I finally gave up and took these pictures on auto with a flash and they turned out less than thrilling.

I am really looking into getting that exact camera. Do you like it? Would you reccomend it? It's such a huge investment that I want to be completly sure before taking the plunge.
Isaiah's play makes me so excited for Eden to be in school. What a fun experience for him!
Your "bad" pictures seriously look like my totally acceptable ones. Guess it's time for a new camera.
Isaiah is soooooo cute by the way. I like his fashion statement of layering his pants.
I cant say that I recommend this camera yet. I have found many frustrating things about it so far. I'm actually considering the possibility of an upgrade. The newer version of this camera ( the Rebel XSi) will be released in mid April, if I were you I'd wait for that one and get it instead. I've read about it and it seems to be much nicer for not too much more money. If you're going to spend a lot of money on a nice camera you may as well have the newest version so that you're not outdated from the get go.
Aww, too cute! I love school plays. I think your son looks fine in the dark shirt...much better than the wet, dirty white shirted girl.
I love ALL these pictures. He looks darling...jeans, messy shirt, huge smile and all! I'm sure he had a wonderful time and will always remeber it, plus you have the fun pictures to remind him.
Hey the pictures look cute anyway!! It'll definately be one of those memories you look back at and LAUGH!!
looks like sooo much fun for those kids to be involved in- what a handsome boy he is- i wish I had got to know your kids better while I was there! (about theatrical expectations...have you seen waiting for guffman? you must!!!!)
wow, he's a handsome little guy. That dark hair of his makes him stand out anyway. He looked like he was the lead singer...Hmmm... Sissy's going to be in the school talent show next month so I may "just so happen" to have her in a different color shirt *L*
I LOVE all the pictures from the play. Who knew we could all get so much entertainment from everything else besides what the entertainment is supposed to be!? (Wow, did that even make sense?)
I'm so sad I missed this, Tavia tells me that it was hilarious.
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