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Thursday, March 20, 2008


The Birthday Party - Part 2

It all started with a slightly annoying cartoon.

Matias and Sophia watch Caillou five times a day (for real) and on one episode, Caillou and his family go to a place where he gets to paint a mug. This was the bright idea behind having Matias' birthday party at Color Me Mine.

We gave each party goer the choice of either a mug or a plate to paint. Matias was the only kid to choose a mug. Yet another expression of his rebellious nature.

Auntie Tay helped Sophie to paint her plate, and when I say help I mean, she tried to keep her from turning the paint into a muddy mess. She was partially successful.

Daddy helped Matias with the "bubble blowing" technique. A few of the kids saw this and wanted to do the same. It went really well with one exception, Isaac May really wanted to suck the paint up the straw instead of blowing air out of it. Needless to say Isaac's plate doesn't have any bubble paint on it. : )

Isaac, Matias and Calvin munching on cupcakes...more importantly however, is Calvin's Beatles t-shirt. I mean seriously, how cute is that?

A nice shot of a bunch of wild 3 and 4 year olds is challenging to say the least. I did my best and this is what I came up with. What a cute group of kids!

I don't know if it was the sugar high or if Uncle Greg is really just that funny but these four were howling with laughter for a good 10 minutes straight. Oh, the comedy!

"Sweet" good-byes.

Sweeter good-byes! : ) She's so tall, and he's so small.

Matias was showered with friends, hugs and gifts and he loved every minute of it!
Thanks to everyone who came to and helped with the party. It was a lot of fun and Matias and I are excited to deliver everyones plates on Monday.

Ah, Isaac. What will I ever do with him?! I really didn't expect him to be a handful, but I thought staying with Eric would only complicate matters. Guess I was wrong! He said he had fun, so thanks for keeping an eye on him.
I'm obsessed with these pictures! The colored walls, the scrumptious kids...Love it.

Thanks again!
I'm so sad we missed this, Kiera! It's great that you are always stimulating yours kids' artistic sides!
Happy b-day to Matias!
...*ugh* that Caillou! I never could get to the remote fast enough before the song drilled it's way into my brain.

Everythign at the party looked fantastic. I'm kinda jealous of your camera! You make brilliant pictures together.
Looks like a fun party. I can't imagine tons of 4 yr olds painting. Whew. Glad it all went well.
Hi!! I have not visit you for almost 2 weeks.. so here I'm!!
What beautiful pictures you have of the "fiesta". I want to know what kind of camara your friend uses, it takes really nice pictures!
Matias is so big! him and Lucas are just a few months apart!
Guess what?.. I'm going to the Melting Pot tonight!! I'm so excited! It is one of my favorite restaurants. I will post my comments on the night soon. Probably you are the only one who will care! haha! You know how much I love food! You and I blessed with good genes!( glad!otherwise we will have to roll!!hah)
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