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Sunday, March 2, 2008


Bellagio Water Dance

The first half of our day in Vegas was not great. Steven and I have very different ideas of what's fun to do in Vegas and we were not at all on the same page for the first half of the day. I do not enjoy gambling. I think it's such a waste of money and it isn't all that much fun. I can handle blowing 10 bucks on video blackjack or nickel slots but other than that, I prefer a sure thing. Steven on the other hand enjoys sitting at the blackjack tables (which terrifies me because I don't know table etiquette) and is comfortable losing money. Throwing it away. Well to make a long story short we spent the first half of our day struggling to find a happy medium. Steven passed on his time at the blackjack table and I passed on my "sure thing". We ate a nice lunch at PF Chang's and then I found some ridiculously cute hot pink cowboy boots at Urban Outfitters on sale for $20 down from $125. That cheered me up a little. But in the end it wasn't until we watched this water dance at the Bellagio that we were finally able to reconnect and decide that we were not going to waste anymore time not having fun. This water display was the inspiration I needed to capture the Vegas spirit. After this our night got much better.

I like the water dance also. I'm glad that you had a good time even if the first part of the day was a little rocky. Mark and I usually have different interests also but we both agree on eating good food so our vacation itineraries are usually worked out around where we will eat next.
P.S. Where is the picture of the boots?! I must see them.
Yes, pics of boots, now.
hot pink cowboy boots!!! that is the best thing- no the best thing is that you got them for $20!!!you stick them on with tight knit fishnets and an eighties ruffle skirt- oh i guess there's a million ways to wear them- but maybe just the boots and nothing else for your vacation...heeeheeehee, i will stop now.hehhehehehehehehhhheeeee!
Ohhh, I love gambling. So much that I should, and do, stay away from it at all costs. We went to Wendover with the Outback gang once when we lived in Provo still, and man, if the bus hadn't been leaving I would have stayed until we lost our house. And I was 7 months pregnant with Savannah. Sad sight huh? I don't know the etiquette either and poor pathetic gambling prego woman had to be told several times to keep her cards on the table.
Emily thats how we roll too. Our vacations are punctuated with delicious restaurants. The in between stuff isn't nearly as important as "where are we going to eat??"

Marianne I am dying!! You are too funny. Thats exactly what I was thinking though, tights and a ruffle skirt or even knee highs. I'll have to see how fashionably brave I am.

Diedre I would have paid money to see that...Thats what I call a sure thing!!
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