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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Wish Us Luck

Today Steven and I are going on a trip...alone! We have planned to spend a couple days in St. George and then to take a day trip to Vegas. It feels so strange to leave our three children behind. We've never done that before. I have gone back and forth about a hundred times, should we go or should we stay? Should we take the kids with us or just cut the strings and take the plunge without them. The thing that's making this decision even harder is that my kids have been sick for a week now. Matias and Sophia both got a pretty bad cold last Thursday and then to add to it Matias got an ear infection. Isaiah wound up with pink eye and our cat Gus got in a fight a week ago and had an abscess on his paw. I've taken every one of these kids (and cat) to the doctor in the past 6 days and now I'm leaving them all behind. Three of the four kiddies (or kitty) are currently taking medication. Thankfully everyone is on the up and up, but still...

On one hand I feel like if I don't take this opportunity to get away for a couple of days I'm going to go crazy! I don't know how much more whining and complaining I can take before I crack. Steven works so hard and vacations are few and far between. I think we would both be really sad if our plans fell through. On the other hand I don't want to leave my little sick babies behind while I go off and party for a few days. It makes me feel neglectful and guilty.

The silver lining is that my sister Ashley has kindly agreed to take care of our kids for us and I completely and totally trust her take amazing care of them. She is very responsible and loves them almost as much as I do. This is a comfort to me right now and it's the only reason that we are still going through with this. I know my kids will be in good hands. I'm excited and scared at the same time. I guess that's how most mothers feel when they loosen their grip a little. I know that this trip will be good for me. Steven and I have been needing this for a while!! I'm excited to get away. The warmer weather is calling my name!! Loudly.

Wow what a crazy last few days! Glad to hear everyone is on the up and up. You both work so hard you deserve a break. Have fun and take lots of pictures! And dont feel guilty!
I say go for it! You've been working really hard & you definitely deserve to have a fun vacation w/ just you & Steven. I'm crazy jealous that you're going to warmer weather!
Don't you worry about a thing. The kids AND cat will be just fine without you. Have the best time EVER!
That's great you have a trusted person to watch the kids. Go for it!! Have a blast!!

A well, rested, happy mother is always best for the kids, so don't feel guilty and ENJOY! I'm jealous.
It is tough the first time, but when all is said and done, it is totally worth it!
I can't wait to hear all about your trip, and to see all the pictures you take. No guilty feelings-- you both deserve it!!
I'm jealous as well that you are headed to the sunny warm beauty of Southern Utah. Have a great time! =)
Don't feel guilty, you will come home even more excited and grateful to be a mom. As they say: absence makes the heart grow fonder. Call me or email me when you get back and lets finally get together.
Sounds like you definitely need a break! I'm a firm believer in a little time away helping EVERYONE appreciate each other! Have fun and soak up some warmth for the rest of us! (P.S. your necklace came to my house yesterday - not sure why - I was going to drop it off to you today. I'll wait 'till you're back.)
Matt and I went to Puerto Rico last April for a week and that was the first time we had been away from the kids that long. It was a little scary, but oh did I love every minute of it. The freedom and hassle free nature of traveling sans kids is glorious!
'lucky'- i wish i knew how to do the napoleon voice like my kid brothers- but i say again, 'lucky!- gosh!'
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