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Monday, February 4, 2008


Read this book with me...

I was watching The Oprah Show the other day and the author of her most recent book club selection was on to talk about his novel. I was intrigued when I heard details of the subject matter and since I'm always looking for a good book to read, I went to Borders on Saturday and bought it. It's called The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet.

I'm sure you've probably heard of this book by now. Anytime Oprah announces a book it instantly becomes a hit. I've actually read some of her previous selections in the past but I am kind of hard to please when it comes to a novel. I have to be sucked into the story immediately if I am going to keep reading it. Most books don't have this effect on me which is why I'm always searching, but this book did! I started reading it yesterday and at one point I was sitting in the living room reading while Steven and his brother Greg were watching the Super Bowl. (I was so into the story that it didn't matter that the TV was on, I was not distracted in the least bit.) The story was getting so incredibly intense and I couldn't help but blurt out the occasional "oh my gosh!!" or "no way!!" along with repetitive gasps. This of course peaked Stevens interest into what I was reading and when I started to explain what was happening in the story, I STARTED TO CRY!! I couldn't hold back the tears. I was only 75 pages into this book before I was overflowing with emotion for the characters. I'm not going to give anything away but let me just say, you do not want to miss this book. It's very long, nearly 1000 pages, which is kind of daunting but it's an easy read and the story is so interesting that you'll probably fly through it like I have so far.

Instead of trying to describe a book that I've only just started I'm going to quote Publishers Weekly...
"A historical novel of gripping readability, authentic atmosphere, and memorable characterization. Beginning with a mystery that casts its shadow, the narrative is a seesaw of tension, suspense, impeccable pacing...action, intrigue, violence, passion, greed, bravery, dedication, revenge, and love. A novel that entertains, instructs, and satisfies on a grand scale."

Yeah that pretty much sums it up. Go out and buy this book now and start reading it so that I will have someone to talk to about it!!

***A word of warning. As I have read further into this book I have discovered that it is extremely graphic at times and discribes in detail some pretty horrifying things. This book is set in the dark ages and these people were pretty hideous. The story is facscinating and compelling but some of the details are disgusting. If you are sensitive or maybe are someone who chooses not to watch rated R movies, consider yourself warned. This may not be the book for you.***

Thanks for the reccomendation. I am looking for something new to read. . .
That does sound good! I have to finish up my Danial Silva books, then I'll join in.
How and When do people find time to read?????? only super heros can read in my opinion, but maybe if I found something great to read I would make time at I dont know 2:00 in the morning? sounds like a good one, I have only read a handful of books in my life, I think because I prefer to watch a movie instead, but I think I will try it! Thanks!
As I've got further into this book my interest level hasn't diminished at all, in fact it has grown, but I will say that because this book is set in the dark ages (12th century) there are some pretty graphic scenes...use caution if you are sensitive to that kind of stuff. This is my official warning. Other wise, HAPPY READING!! : )
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