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Monday, February 18, 2008


My First Movie

I recently got a new Mac computer! I'm so excited because I have been wanting to make movies for a while and now I finally can. I don't have much footage yet but my intention is to create cute little home movies of my kids and the funny things they do. I'm teaching myself how to make these movies and it has been quite the headache getting this first one made and I do mean that literally. However, now that I have fumbled my way through this first project, I hope that the projects to come will be easier and quicker.

This is footage from my ski day. It was my last run of the day and it was so beautiful that I pulled out my camera and shot some video of my ride down. This will hopefully provide some enjoyment for those of you who will not get the opportunity to go skiing this year. You can now live vicariously through me! This movie is set to music so if you've got speakers turn 'em up and enjoy!!

I'm so impressed that you can ski and shoot at the same time. I've never tried that. And with the editing job on your first movie! Way to go.

Also, thanks for providing a virtual slope experience. It's not like I normally go snowboarding more than a few times a year (lately), but not being able to go at all this year has been so hard. It was fun to mentally go down some slopes I've been on so many times before. Thanks!
That was really cool I am excited to see what else you make!
very cool
Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you. It is something I will, no doubt, always have to do when it comes to skiing, I am terrible at it. But I loved your movie! It was great. Did you ever get your car back? Mark and I went to the Tree Room on Saturday and I looked for it. I asked Wendy's husband ( she is my friend Holly's sis in law) if he had seen your car and he just laughed and said it may very well still be up there. So? What happened with that?
ohhhh....i am dark green with jealousy for your mac!!!!!!!! yes! make those home movies and more like this one...I made my first movie @ byu in the mac lab 6 years ago and have been pining for my own mac ever since! i'm turning purple! so jealous!!!
Wow, how you can ski and record at the same time, I'll never know. If that were me -- I'm sure I'd have fallen down many times. Keep up the good work. Because, I too, will have to live that part of life vicariously because skiing just freaks the heck out of me. It did look magnificent though!! Thanks Kiera
Perfect choice of music for those beautiful shots too Kiera! Can't wait to see your next short! Next time we should try to capture a little footage of some of our brilliant little crashes (like that would ever happen again!) with a very different soundtrack! :)
beautiful, i felt like i was there!
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