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Sunday, February 24, 2008


Isaiah's VIP day

This past week, Isaiah was the VIP in his 1st grade class. Our family was invited to go to his classroom for the last half hour of school on Friday for his family presentation. We enjoyed helping the spotlight shine a little brighter.

The first thing the class did when we arrived was to sing Isaiah the VIP song. Then the time was ours. We started by showing a poster that was covered with pictures showing some of Isaiah's favorite memories. Next, Steven read from one of Isaiah's favorite books about amazing animals. Finally, Isaiah showed off his own amazing animal, Slytherin. Isaiah loved sharing his snake with his class, and most of his classmates loved seeing and petting him.

I also just want to add that I haven't had access to my camera recently and that is why I've been making's a novelty that may or may not wear off soon. Until then, you get the cinematic version of our lives...
: )

such a loving family- isaiah has a snake? cool- my brothers have owned snakes off and on...tell I. that they had names like 'gorlock' and 'grymlock' and that i think 'slytherin' (has he already read hp?) is a great name for a snake!
My favorite part-the sweet way he took Sophie's hand to pet the snake.
He is such a cutie. Home videos are so great and I think he love to watch them when he is older. You have inspired me to be more diligent with our camcorder.
what a great way to really make a child feel like he is THE BEST! You guys are all so cute together.
sorry - me again! I had to add that I think it is a testament to your wonderful parenting skills that he is so confident in himself and his abilities, not all kids have that.
I love your home movies, very cute! The car stuck in the snow is hilarious!

Slytherin is a great name for a snake, by the way. I love HP.

I hope you get access to your camera again soon. I'd go nuts without mine. I love taking pictures and have WAY too many.

Fun blog, thanks for sharing your life with others.
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